1992 team

Bob Holt article today referenced the Sweet 16 run the Hogs made from 90-96. 6 out of 7 years in the Sweet 16. That’s the way most of the 40+ crowd remember Razorback basketball.

But of all years to break that Sweet 16 streak, it is amazing that it was 1992. We were the 3 seed that year in Midwest (Kansas was 1, USC was 2, and Cincinnati was 4. 1, 2, and 3 lost all lost in 2nd round and Cincy went to Final Four). That team was loaded and experienced and could have/should have beaten the Dukies in Minneapolis (we would have first played the freshmen Fab 5 in the Semis).

OK, Coach Muss, help some of us in the 50+ crowd forget such things!

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That loss to Memphis was one of the more painful losses for me. Of Nolan’s teams, probably only behind the 1995 championship game loss and the 1991 loss to Kansas in the round of 8.

That team for sure should have been in the Final 4.


I remember Oliver Miller not being fully fit cost us in that game. Also I recall that was coming out party for Darrel Hawkins and he became the leader for the Corliss-Scotty group the following year.

Mine, too. I had taken my kids to Disney World that week. I remember it well. Not only were we good, but growing up in eastern Arkansas, I have particular disdain for Memphis State.

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Yes, Oliver was having a hard time running up and down the court on a bad wheel.

I was in HS in Memphis at the time. It sucked. Lots of Ole Miss fans in that area but I recall seeing some Elite 8 Tshirts and some ribbing that didn’t sit well.

The '92 team wasn’t as good as the '91 team even though it was mostly the same people. Todd Day was suspended for the first 12 games. Schedule was tougher (first year in the SEC) but we went 13-3 in the league. Lost to Tiger High twice, actually; February in Memphis and then in the NCAA in Milwaukee. Also lost NC games to Michigan State (Maui) and Misery in Barnhill (but got UNLV off the schedule). Lost twice to Bama as well, in T-town and in the SEC tournament.

I remember thinking after the Memphis loss that we would never be that good again…I was young and naive. Lol…2 years later NC.

What’s crazy to me about Memphis State is that Penny was supposedly planning to be a Hog. Like a a silent commit until Fedex money got him at very last minute. Dudley maybe can comment

I shed actual tears when we lost to Memphis. I remember screaming NOOOOOOOO! I just couldn’t believe it. Or bear to see May/Day and Miller go out on that note.

My wife of now 30-plus years looked at me like “what in the hell have I gotten myself in to?”


That 91 loss to Kansas still hurts.

Should have been Nolan’s 4th final four

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The one that hurts the most is the 95 Championship game loss to UCLA. You can get to Sweet 16 or Final Four again, but chances of getting an opportunity to win back to back championships is rare.

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I agree PJ. (By the way, we share some initials)

Didn’t Coach Hereck (sp) and some of those players get in trouble with NCAA for that season?

We should have won second title by forfeit

Jim Harrick got in trouble with UCLA for falsifying expense accounts, including paying for a restaurant meal for a couple of players after the 1996 season and changing the report to list his wife and an assistant coach’s wife. NCAA did not cite UCLA for a violation but UCLA told him to get lost anyway because of the coverup. However, this incident was long after the 1995 NCG. And even if not, we wouldn’t have won the NC by forfeit, any more than we won the 2011 Sugar Bowl to Tattoo U by forfeit.

This is a bit of a tangent rant; however, I can’t stand talking to Ohio St. fans that I meet about that game. The majority that I’ve spoken with swear that this game was never close and that they always had the game in hand.

A couple of my students featured prominently in that game. Normally, I’m a fairly easy guy to get along with…

…but not when it comes to that game and the selective memory that Ohio St. fans have about steamrolling us. Maybe they need the final score tattooed somewhere on their bodies as a reminder or something.

Sorry, rant over.

Made an interception at the 10 yard line with a minute left leading by 5. Yeah, well in hand. If Julian Horton picks up the blocked punt we win.

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