1980 Coaches Salaries...wow

So in 1980 Arkansas’s salary to Lou Holtz was 4th highest in all of college football?

And some on here have said JFB and/or Arkansas wouldn’t competitively pay a head coach?


You get what you pay for in a coach I guess. Lou was riding high in 1980 no doubt. Deserved the money. But the fact Arkansas paid the 4th highest salary is the bigger revelation and is damned impressive.

That’ll never happen now. There are many more schools that blow Arkansas’s doors off in terms of financial ability and willingness to pay big coach salaries.

As long as Arkansas remains in the second coach-pay tier, so to speak, it will scratch and claw to find just enough money to hire a coach that can get it to 7 wins, maybe 8 in a season. And we will all be thrilled with that, right?

From 1980 to until now. My, how things have changed in Razorback football. Sort of makes me sad.

We will not pay a new head coach top 5 money but I would bet top 5 money we would pay to keep a winning coach that kind of cash.

I don’t know if we have the wherewithal to do that — to be that firmly committed — including financially — to winning. We had a top 5 coach several years ago in Petrino. We fired him for several things that could’ve been “handled.“ I know many disagree. But that right there tells me a lot. Maybe HY will be different. Too early to tell. If you have a great coach at Arkansas, you’d better think twice before firing him. Hard to get another one to come to Arkansas. And you’d better be ready to pay him.

Dennis Franchione spoke to the LRTD club a few years ago. He was interviewed for our HC job about the time we hired Danny Ford or Houston Nutt, I think. Anyway, he told this story about his interview with Broyles.

He asked Broyles how much money he’d have to hire really good AC’s. Broyles told him, “whatever it takes.” Franchione said he was shocked to hear that. He went on to say something to the effect that he knew then why Ark was such a good job or Broyles such a top AD. He’d never known of an AD who could or would do that.

Broyles was notoriously frugal, but he also knew when & where to spend money. I’m not sure we ever appreciated just how good he was

No question we didn’t appreciate JFB. Assistants are huge. The weak staff Chad assembled was surely part of his downfall.

May not be top 5 money, but wasn’t Petrino’s salary in the top 7-8 in country?

I think the players salaries at some of these schools are just as impressive! WPS

Didn’t JFB once say something like, you can’t overpay a great coach and you can’t get rid of a bad one fast enough?

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College coaches today are buying and selling $3.79 million houses. Not to mention the $million buyouts that they get when they under perform and are told to go away. So young people aspire to be a college head football coach or a weatherman, because you are going to get paid no matter what.

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You’re comparing apples and oranges in a lot of factors from facility upkeep and the state of the program when Holtz was hired. Confirmation bias doesn’t prove your point in this case.

This seems like the second time you’ve used the term “confirmation bias” in responding to a post of mine. Just so you know, “confirmation bias” is “the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one’s existing beliefs or theories.” The “new evidence” is that Holtz was the fourth highest paid coach in the country in 1980. And my “existing beliefs or theories” are that Arkansas football sucks right now. They further are that if Arkansas in recent years had the desire and economic wherewithal to hire and pay someone of the calilber to be the 4th highest paid coach in the country – as Frank Broyles did in 1980 – its football program would not suck nearly as bad, or not at all. My “point” is that our football program has fallen mightily due to many factors, but a big part is not being willing to pay big time for a bad-ass head coach and, maybe more importantly, his assistants. I think my point is sufficiently proved.

I’m not sure about the accuracy of that entire list; Jackie Sherrill did not come to A&M until the 1982 season, in 1980 he was still at Pitt.

And when Jackie Sherrill took the A&M job, they paid him $1 million per year; he was the first coach to make that kind of money. Aggies wanted a big winner and were willing to spend to get one.

As I recall Sherrill had some very average .500 teams those first three seasons, did not get it rolling until the 4th year.

Unless I misunderstood, part of your point is you believe Arkansas has gotten “what they paid for” by not just throwing the bank at a football coach and if Arkansas would just pony up millions of dollars we’d be better off. Your confirmation bias was posting Holtz salary and it’s rank at that time as a comparison to your point. I’m pointing out other factors that dispute that claim.