19 years ago today - Anyone remembered?

My favorite Razorback of all time on one of the best Razorback olives on one of my fav Razorback teams of all times

Somehow Brandon Burlswortth is a thumbnail sketch of Arkansas success and unfulfilled hopes

Rest In Peace - Amaxing Razorback and even better man -

Hope this generation of Razorbacks can over achieve and close the deal

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I was in Fayetteville when this happened, coincidentally.

I grew up in El Paso, Texas. My parents met at the U of A, and so I was raised a Razorback. But 50+ years ago, Fayetteville seemed almost as far away (from EP) as NY City. I listened to the games I could over the radio, and saw maybe one or two a year on TV. Fayetteville was one of those places I’d visit with my parents “one day”.

I eventually graduated (from the local college, UTEP) and relocated to DFW. I started going up to Fayetteville myself (and later, with friends and my wife and child), but for various logistical reasons, my parents were in West Texas, aging and it never was “the right time” for them.

Finally, in the spring of 1999, I convinced them to come to Dallas and then I’d take them up there in my SUV. Not to a game - they couldn’t navigate game day crowds at that juncture. But, just to see the campus again . . . how it had changed, grown - and what was the same. And that’s what we did in late April.

It was a super time. They were giddy seeing all the places they used to go, showing me where they lived as students, and as a young married couple - where they had their first date, etc. And I enjoyed showing them DWRRS (not yet expanded, but greatly expanded over the last time they had seen it), Bud Walton arena. We did, actually, go to a baseball game at Baum, which was almost brand new there (and the crowds were substantially less than for a football game), which they enjoyed immensely. They also consulted the phone book (remember those? - lol) and actually found the names of a couple of people they hadn’t seen or talked to in 40-50 years and were able to visit with them.

On our final day - as we were leaving to head back to DFW - the news about Brandon broke. It was shocking and sobering. So, I always remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when someone brings this up. In the net - it was a super trip and a great memory for me now that both of my parents are no longer with us. But, I do always think of Brandon when I reflect on the trip.

Touching and beautiful memories paired with a sad note
for our Razorback tribe. Thanks, OZ, for sharing. I remember
taking two of our three youngins and sharing some tender
and precious memories of places and events all the while
hoping to sway their ultimate choice for their college
destination. It didn’t take; however, the memories of my junior year and meeting that beautiful blonde freshman are always special when we walk around on campus.

God, I miss Fayetteville.

Thanks Bluegrass for reminding us about Brandon. He set the standard for hard work and living life the way it should be lived.

I was able to watch Greater with my oldest grandson last weekend. He has zero interest in football but he loved the movie.

His untimely death seems so unfair. But watching the movie you understand that Brandon’s purpose in life was not to play in the NFL but to inspire others.