18 predictions for the season...

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Included in the story are links to the in-depth pieces on shooting, defense, JUCOs, Dustin Thomas, Anton Beard and C.J. Jones done this week and over the last few months.

I hope Kingsley does not chase shotblocking stats and instead plays within the defensive scheme.

Arkansas might get into the top 20 in forced turnovers by being one of the surviving teams actually trying to force turnovers.

I hope Jones doesn’t play only sporadically, because that would probably put him on the exit path like others we have seen come through. If it keeps happening…

All very good points. I think he can average 3 without chasing stats. But you’re right, you don’t want to see him turn into Hassan Whiteside. I don’t know that Jones will average more than 8-14 minutes a game, but he has all the tools to be a player in the future. I’m not suggesting this would/will happen whatsoever, but you’re right that losing a third long wing in three years would be tough.

Great predictions Jimmy, really can’t argue with any of them, all of them seem very possible.

Based on what I’ve seen so far I’d like to throw a prediction out there…

I think Anton Beard will take over starting spot at some point (even if just for a game or 2) for Jaylen Barford. Anton has been great as of late, he looks like where he should have picked up after freshman season. Up to this point, IMO, he’s played better than Barford. Barford from what I’ve seen so far (Red/White, exhibitions, and first game) has played "decent’ but hasn’t really lived up to the hype as of yet. We’ve seen flashes, but nothing consistent yet, like what we’ve seen with Macon. Wouldn’t surprise me if CMA switched it up after a few more games if Barford doesn’t pick it up, just to get his attention.

Interesting idea. Barford has the higher ceiling, but Beard has played more controlled and consistently so far. After being “the guy” in JUCO, I think Jaylen is still learning how he needs to play, as far as when to defer and when to be aggressive. Anton has struck a nice balance.

Yea it does look like Jaylen is still trying to figure it out, you can tell he has talent and he’ll eventually be alright though. And obviously I agree with you he has a much higher ceiling than Beard. But, I just think if if Jaylen is still trying to figure it out in a couple of games and if Beard continues to play well, he’ll give Beard a shot to start, even if it is for like 1 or 2 games. Obviously with a guy like Jaylen you don’t let him come off the bench for too long. Just long enough to let him know he needs to pick it up. And this is a prediction I hope I’m wrong about. Because that means Jaylen would have figured things out sooner than later.