18/12 record possible?

If we can win at least 3 more series,(GA, A&M, and Miss State),
Win at least one at SC and Vandy, that would put us at 18 wins.
Only win 2 of the remaking series that would put us at 17 wins.
We just don’t want to get swept in any series.
Does this seem doable?

We need to win all our series at home, even if they’re only 2-1 splits. Can’t get swept on the road. It’d be nice to get at least one more road series.

I think 18-12 is more than possible. Would like to win 19 or more.

We have South Carolina and Texas A&M at home… you would think we could at least go 4-2. That would give us 15… Georgia and Mississippi State are playing better but I see us at least splitting that at least 3-3 so that would give us 18 wins… I don’t think Vandy sweeps us in their ballpark I’ll give us one. That would be 19-11 I think that’s very realistic


Our remaining home games are A&M and SC.
GA, MS and Vandy on the road.
Yeah, if we could win our home series with SC, we could get to 19. Possibly more if we can get more sweeps, or win all the rest of our series. It’s just a bit of conjecture at this point.

18-12 would mean we go 7-8 the 2nd half. I’d say that would be a let down, but, to answer your question …yes, it’s very possible.

I’d hope that 19-11 would be the worst we’d finish after this start.

Of course, Coach has been down this road many times. His “one game at a time” approach is much different than our internet speculation. Which is exactly why we are in our current position.


I sorta repeated this in my post. Don’t mean to be redundant, but I was typing and then editing my post while you were posting yours.

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No problem brother.

Win them all. Only way to look at it.


I like the way you think, Clay!
Let’s just go down and win ‘em all!

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That’s Van Horn’s mindset.


Three series on the road remain. We’ve split so far on the road. Not likely to sweep either of the home series. We play the two best pitching staffs and 3 of the 4 worst; starting at UGA. Feels like close to 50/50 over the remaining games. So, 7-8 is probably a bit more likely than 8-7; especially with Wegner out. But, We’ll know much more this time next weekend.

@ Georgia 2-1
Texas A&M. 2-1
@ Miss St. 3-0
S Carolina 2-1
@ Vandy. 2-1
It’s possible. 22-8.


Yup. We’re on a 22-win pace with LSU and Tennessee in the rear view mirror. But let’s look at the remaining series:

At Georgia. UGa is last in the East but has top 40 RPI. Took two from Kentucky at home.

Aggies at home. Midpack in the west, got swept at Tennessee, going to Kentucky this weekend.

At Moo U. They stink but Dudy is never an easy place to play.

Poultry. The Chickens can mash. Just lost two of three at Vandy though

At Vandy. That’s always a war; this will be no different.

Just win two every week (easier said than done) and that’s 21.

Of course, if we win 8 in the next three weeks, which is possible, we can be at 19 before the Chickens and Anchor Boys.


After the Georgia series we can see where things stack up.

It doesn’t mean it will happen, but as things stand now, I think Arkansas should be favored to win the next three series.


That’s very encouraging, Matt!

I believe the team is a lot more confident than many fans. We’re good. Enjoy it….


Listening to player interviews from this weekend, I am more and more impressed with the camaraderie and determination on this team. You can never downplay that, it is what makes winning teams.


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