17-U Woodz Elite ends the season

13-5 in Nike EYBL play and 18-6 overall after losing to Mokan Elite 78-54.

Mokan’s defense took Woodz totally out of their offense. Too much 1-on-1 and not enough ball movement.

2021 Kennedy Chandler would be the last guy I would select for a pick-up game based off of physical looks but man the kid can play. He’s elite. There’s no doubt about it.

I can’t think of any weaknesses with his game. He knows how to play the game and his first step is lethal and then you throw in his ability to go among the trees and finish is mind boggling.

Im really interested to see where Chandler’s recruitment goes. Interestingly, Memphis just offered yesterday or the day before. I think he will probably be recruited by the blue bloods. I know our staff is putting in a lot of effort right now, but the writing on the wall is clear to me - it will be Memphis or the blue bloods.


Another solid game by Chandler. He and Mokan Elite play for the Peach Jam Championship at 1 central time.