17 point loss. They need to walk home

Did Mike get a raise for this?

Yea… It was bad

Coach needs to walk home. We could have all the talent in the world and we would still be inconsistent. Play hard. What a joke. How bout designing a play that works. If our guys couldn’t score one on one we might not score. Our offense stinks. And defense is worse. Rebounding consistently, we just don’t teach box out. We are unsound because our coaching philosophy is unsound.

Dude you have the most venomous filled life I’ve ever seem…not one single positive thing to say about the University of Arkansas (player, coach etc…) in your entire post history.

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Dude. You haven’t read all my posts. Negative today. Yep. Guess u enjoyed getting blown out


Did Mike get a raise for this?

[/quote]Requiring the players or coach to walk home is impossible. However, when they step off the plane, we are not required to greet them with banners, a parade, and cheers. And, in my opinion, that won’t happen.

Why are some of you so scared to say a thing about Mike yet you will blame the players for everything? I am sick of this style of basketball and see NO reason why the AD can’t tell Mike changes have to be made in style. Get ready for the same 5-10 posters that brow beat everyone that says ANY thing critical about Anderson. The same 5-10 posters blame the players for all of the problems and NEVER admit that the defense and offense do not work ALL the time in today’s basketball. The same 5-10 are a hair trigger away from an excuse for their sacred cow coach. This blind fanship leads to downward trending program so we better hope the new players are good enough to overcome the weak coaching next year.