17 of 70

Some food for thought: SEC teams won a total of 17 of 70 series away from home in conference play in 2018. That isn’t to excuse Arkansas’ inability to win a series, but it does provide some insight into how difficult it has been to win on the road league wide.

No SEC team had as difficult of a road schedule as Arkansas. The five teams it played on the road were a combined 22 games above .500 in conference play and none had a losing SEC record. Three are probably going to be top eight national seeds and are the top three seeds in the SEC Tournament.

Would Arkansas have been winless on the road had it played at Tennessee or Missouri or Alabama? I doubt it, but that was the schedule it had to play with. Sometimes you get breaks in the schedule and sometimes you don’t.

I’m not sure how the 53-17 home series record stacks up to last year, but I have been tracking the total SEC win percentage at home the past few weeks. It currently sits at 342-110 (.757), compared to 321-162-1 (.663) a year ago.

I wonder about how many of those 53 series losses began with a first game win?

Even cellar dweller Alabama found a way to win a road series.

Yes, at Missouri. Arkansas did not have the luxury of playing a last-place team on the road.

Tells you how great Mr. Knight is and how much he will be missed next year…

Why does it seem that at some point each season with all three major men’s sports we find people on this forum making excuses for why we aren’t going to win the SEC Championship much less a National Championship?
Let me give my take on why that is, it’s a historical fact that outside of the Track and Field Program we have won exactly 2 National Championships in the 3 major men’s sports…a split or shared Football National Championship in 1964…Basketball National Championship in 1994.
Baseball has “Zero” National Championships. We have a nationally respected baseball program which has made multiple trips to Omaha going back to the 1970’s, but yet we have never been able to finish a season on top as National Champions.
Arkansas and it’s fans have gotten used to coming up short through these many decades and therefore we have become expert excuse makers.

Go Hogs!

Which one of the other top teams played a road schedule that compares to the hogs?
What does stink so bad about this issue is the hogs had hay in the barn in every road series but Moo U. Giving away gave 2 or 3 of road series either by errors, or just simple bad luck. Yes Ole Miss giving both of those road games away! LSU the see and I capitol of the world. Georgia a foul ball in the 10 th inning to lead off where even the batter stopped because it was foul and their outdated video equipment is so sorry no clear way for replay to overturn the call! You could go on and on. This whole year has been a disappointing at best. Put the records up against each team and who they played where and the hogs played Florida, Georgia, Ole Miss and Moo U and LSU on the road. No one else had a tougher road schedule.
It’s not an excuse it’s fact. The hogs should have won 3 of these road series.
Georgia, LSU and Ole Miss.

When did presenting facts become excuse making? The second sentence of my post literally says I’m not making excuses for their inability to win away from home.

Arkansas won a championship this year - the division. It might win it all in Hoover or Omaha. Who knows?

Ole Miss will the higher-seeded team, but the SEC will recognize division co-champions. Ole Miss got to play Arkansas and Georgia at home and did not play Florida. Ole Miss got a scheduling break based on the teams that wound up being really good this year.

Matt it’s not an excuse! The hogs had a tough road schedule and they failed to get it done on the road fact!

The issue of National championship is pretty simple. In the SEC the hogs are the orphans. In SEC football I’ve seen bias officiating to the point it’s absurd! Refer to the SEC championship game between Florida and the Hogs! Go back and look at the trip game between Arkansas and Tennessee. There were several pass interference calls against Arkansas and the same play with Tennessee on defense and no flags! Go back and take a look!
Watch the laughing and joking basketball refs do with Kentucky players and how much they can get by with to include throat slashes by Monk! The throat slash happened in front of the ref! Nothing was done and it never is. The SEC has become a joke when it comes to an equal playing field.
Player safety! We all hear about it in football. LSU @ Auburn. The game that got Les Miles fired! Flagrant called on an Auburn linebacker. Etling hits the ground the ref that threw the flag is looking right at Etling when he hits the ground another linebacker hit Etling on the ground once his helment comes off he played his face mask on Etling’s forehead! I’d say they really take their job to heart! What a joke!
I wrote the SEC office and nothing!
Sprinkle had an offensive pass interference called on him running a crossing pattern when the defender ran into him.
We had a home game in basketball against Ole Miss where the rebels took a 3 points shot after the clock hit all zeroes. They reviewed the call and still gave them the points! I’ve become accustomed to getting shafted by this conference. In every sport it happens.
Yesterday Ole Miss @ Bama.
2 pitches in a row the home plate umpire called strikes on a batter when the ball was inside the batter box and no where near the plate. It cost Bama an out and a run in the big inning they had! That same pitch wasn’t called a strike for Bama’s pitchers.
This conference is all about money and fairness and an equal playing field is thrown out the window. The targeting call in football is a great example. When one is called on Bama the review overturns the call. Let that same call happen to the hogs it sure don’t get over turned.

what I have seen from us on the road is we don’t field the ball near as well and we are not as aggressive at the plate,we look sometimes like we are wanting a walk to get on base.we have very good hitters who can hit the ball out of the yard but my goodness we take some right down the pipe pitches…Hopefully we can get a NS and we can play at home all the through and we can get our mojo back

Excuse making? C’mon, man. They played by far the toughest road schedule of all the SEC teams. That’s not an excuse; it’s a fact. Arkansas fans may make excuses, but I don’t think going to Omaha and failing to win is a bad thing. Many times, it’s about matchups. Part of the reason Arkansas has one basketball championship: matchups. Sure, you’ve got to have the ability to win a national championship and we have to have the players to do that, but by all the experts, Arkansas has the ability to win the title this year. But so does Florida, Stanford and several other teams. That’s not making excuses, that’s just stating facts. Winning national championships is not easy, or even SEC titles, for that matter; if it was, everybody would do it every year. To not win a title and trying to figure out why is not excuse making; it’s trying to figure out what when wrong and how to go about changing it in the future.

The SEC is the same in all sports; all the teams are good and they beat up on each other (except Alabama in football).

IMO, top to bottom, SEC Baseball is the strongest of them all. No other conference compares. Of course the southern temperatures are a major reason.

Even Alabama doesn’t go undefeated, and they were one play from losing the NCG.

Wow I didn’t know we were out of the race for the National championship. I didn’t realize they take away points for road losses in Omaha. If we get to the CWS is there a penalty for this? Can we get to the CWS with this road record? Will we have to go out of state for the regional since so many SEC teams lost on the road? If the answers to all these questions is yes then I guess Matt’s post is an excuse, but even with that I don’t see it.

Some people are just conditioned to look for the dark cloud whether one exists or not. And if it doesn’t, they invent one. Right, Jackson?

How hard is it to win NC’s? You have to be there to have a chance. DVH gets us there, so we have a chance. No excuses needed from fans that have no clue.

Football and Basketball aren’t even close to a Natty.

Hogs baseball is close and could happen this year! The softball team is closer than the football team and or basketball!
Injuries to starting pitiching killed the hogs last year and some this year.
Winning on the road is rough!

Get healthy and get to Omaha and the Razorbacks will
be equal to the task.

When you look at the SEC tournament, there are no weak
teams present. Our SOS was a real nightmare.