17 mostly unforced turnovers!

That’s how you give an 0-9 team hope and confidence in getting their first SEC win at home. We made a nice comeback in the 2nd half after an abysmal 1st half. But the hole was too big and unforced turnovers down the stretch killed us. With poor team defense, 17 TOs, and just 14 total points out of your 5 big men, you’re not going to win many games.

Pretty obvious. When the young men learn that maybe we can win. They don’t value the ball and go through the motions. They were sleep walking in the first half. No leadership from anyone on the floor. When they did get It going Mike subbed and it was over! This team just does not play 40 minutes.

We’ve got to stop trapping so much and use more man and zone without traps. We should not trap good guards. Our defensive lapses are a function of trapping that leaves us out of position to Cover the open man or be in position to rebound.