16U Arkansas Hawks updates

Obviously Arkansas is very aware of all of the kids so I’m just mentioning schools that have recently inquired about the kids.

2019 PG Allen Flanigan of LR Parkview - Kansas State, Missouri, DePaul, South Carolina.

2019 F Tim Caesars of Marion- Iowa State, Kansas State, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas Tech, Michigan

2019 G Branton McCrary of Mills - Kansas State, St. Louis

2019 F Airion Simmons of LR Parkview - S… Illinois, UALR, Southern Miss

2019 G Isaac McBride of Arkansas Baptist - Missouri, Ohio State

From the reports, Alan Flanagan and Tim Caesars blew up last week.

Curious you did not list UALR for Flanigan. Has there been indication that he does not want to play for his Dad?

Arkansas’ problem with 2019 is only two available scholarships with one of them reserved for Justice Hill. I wonder when it is all said and done, if Hill will end up taking Perry scholarship numerically and opening up 2019 for say Caesars and McKinney or McBride. Of course, there could be subtractions from the roster that no one can predict now like Gafford.

I didn’t list UALR with Alan because it’s a given his dad will recruit him.

Not RD, but saw it said yesterday that Flannigan is a high major prospect and UALR is a mid major. Never seen the kid play, but this was from one of the recruiting gurus on Twitter. Guy said it should be interesting watching dad recruit son. I’d have to go back through my timeline to try and find it again in order to tell you which one said it.

PJ, not trying to argue, but who are the two scholarships? It’s been reported CMA is trying to use all open scholarships for the 18-19 class, we have no SR’s in that class. Was told there is 0 right now, and if he does fill the open scholarships, Justice won’t have one unless someone leaves.

You should argue, because you are right. I was thinking Hill was one 2019 schollie and then in the back of my mind I had the thought that Perry will be one and done and that opens up a second scholarship. Well, you are right Hill gets one only if CMA holds one over from 2018 class and the second one goes away since Perry is not coming. I need to recalibrate.

I saw Alan play for Parkview this season and saw he had a load of potential so I’m not surprised he’s showing out now because he has the chance to get on the floor more than he did in HS.

Caesar had a lot of work to do from what I saw last year–on and off the court. Hopefully he has turned the corner.