16-under Arkansas Hawks

Bill Ingram said colleges have been blowing up his phone about Desi Sills. After seeing him in Vegas I kind of expected this.

Desi somewhat reminds me of former Hawk Kharon Ross, who’s now having a great career at Lehigh. They both have great motors and are fearless going to the basket.

Ethan Henderson and Reggie Perry head out tomorrow for Adidas Global Nations in LA.

Richard, is Arkansas showing interest in Sills?

Yes. He, Ethan, Reggie and Isaiah Joe visited in June.

This is just me, but I believe if he was 6-4 he would already have an offer. He’s 6-0 to 6-1 max.

I loved Kahron Ross. His size just kept him from getting any major offers, including Arkansas. He’s a little dude.

Am I wrong in thinking it helps us that Ingram coaches all these guys? I know he won’t steer them to Arkansas, but it sure seems like he is in our corner (maybe even refers to to Hogs as “we” on radio or am I imagining that?) and that can’t hurt (as opposed to other coaches who sometimes aren’t).

Bill doesn’t push kids anywhere, but he’s definitely not going to hurt Arkansas.

You can count on that. Bill is very Arkansas proud.

The same problem Kahron had, undersized, although not to the degree of Kahron. Desi is built a little bigger, and I had hoped he would be a legit 6’2" by now after watching him in Jr high. I figure he’ll get a lot of mid-major offers, hopefully he grows a couple more inches, lol.

I think Kahron has proven he could of played in the SEC. I thought that before he went to Lehigh. I understand the lack of weight thing, but the guy gave 110%. No one played harder. That’s what Desi brings too. I would take Desi in a second.

Desi height, is it only a problem because the type of player he is? There’s plenty of 6ft and smaller players.

I think that’s the main issue. He shot around 55% from the field and 40% from the three in HS so he can shoot the ball. He’s not just a guy that drives to the basket. He can play the one or the two.

Boom. Missouri offers Desi.

Bill - who is a really good man who has done a lot for kids - loves Arkansas, the state and the school.

I’ve watched both of them for years, and always thought Kahron was perfect for Mike’s system, but I’m a Jonesboro homer, lol.