#16 ranking on D1 baseball

This was about where I thought we would be we have enough coming back to be competitive with most everyone.

A top-16 ranking would equate to regional host/super regional participant. That’s a good starting point.

I believe our program has long since reached the point where this is an annual - and reasonable - expectation or target each preseason.

Reminds me of Football in my youth - well, 60’s through the 80’s. Arkansas was a perennial Top 25 preseason selection in those years - sometimes in the top 10, and a couple of times #1 (at least, by some prognosticator or another). And then we went through the same thing with Eddie and Nolan from the late 70’s through about Y2K.

Right now, Baseball is the program we can count on to be at least competitive at a very high level, and in the mix for Tournament glory more often than not.

I agree and that’s why I used the words “starting point”. By May I think those expectations will be updated to national seed, etc.

If we are a Top 20 team this year, 2020 will really be special for Hog fans…

you guys are forgetting track which does also get ranked and is PERRNNIAL top of the world. FB>>>>BB>>>baseball for our focus.

I think 2020 has the potential to be a really big year.