16 point dogs?

If I were a betting man I’d take hogs plus 16


The game’s on the road. They just beat LSU in BR. The Hogs could not stop Georgia’s third string QB. I figure a bigger rout this week.

LSU was WAY overrated. LSU simply caught lightening in a bottle last season, but Orgeron will be on the hot seat again after the season.

LSU lost a load of players off last years team to the draft and also a few opted out of this season! That may be the matchup the hogs needed early in this season.
No matter what happens I’m just happy to see the defense come back to life!
Improvement each week is what we should all be looking for don’t loose sight of that.

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MSUs QB is very accurate - not quite burrow but almost. LSU QB not so much.

Our QBs accuracy/consistency isn’t proven yet.

I think the key to this game will be not giving up the over the top ball in addition to the obvious offensive performance.

I expect the hogs to get blown out based on the pass D from the GA game. I just don’t think the hogs can sustain drives and keep the MSU offense off the field. I hope the offense prove me wrong. These kids need a win.

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