#16 overall

So much for conference tourney’s not mattering. Looks like we slipped to the last ranked 4 seed. #16 seed overall. They put us against the #1 seed overall.


Not saying we can’t beat the Zags. Not even saying its a given we get there. But I would have preferred to avoid the Zags. Oh well.

Zags are not unbeatable. Need to play them Physical if we get to them.

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ESPN giving us zero love versus Vermont.

We need to win two games before we worry about Gonzaga. If we win the next two, I’m happy to take our chances with the overall #1 seed.

BTW, it’s not certain we “slipped” to the 16 spot. We don’t know where we were before yesterday’s game. We only know where some pundits put us.

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ESPN giving us no love versus Vermont. Literally just said Vermont plays 5 out, can shoot it, and that we don’t shoot it well.

Chip on the shoulder time Muss, JD, Jaylin and company…let’s go.


Good. Rather have them going against us. Those bozos are usually wrong.


I think that’s realistic. We a poor shooting team. We rely on MAX effort, max defense, determination. We rarely win easily, against anyone, and we’ve been blown out 2 of our last 3 games.

Who knows? As always in college basketball, we have the excellent chance to prove them wrong.


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Say what??


The Gaggies blew us out, Tennessee led by about 1000. Definitely not 2 games that we played well


Not watching the show. From what I’ve read here, sounds like analysts just appraising early Cinderella candidates, which is what they do. The “nobody respects us” mantra gets a little old.

If you are talking about blow out halves, yes. However in the last minute of the TN game, we had the ball, down 2 points. We had every chance to win that game. We got beat by 4 points, only because we fouled with a few seconds left, That was nothing even close to a blow out.


Oh well, they are all beatable!

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How does Kentucky wind up as a 2, and Tenner a 3?
And how do the aggies get left out altogether.

You’re right, I guess while watching that game, i was emotionally distraught and have such terrible memories of it.

And I’m never sure what to make of that type of game. The team up by 1000 has to have a let down, and the team down has to be embarrassed. So it leads to come-backs.

I just got the feeling that they are currently a better team than we are.

But, we have the coach, and the tough minded players, to change that. I wouldn’t be surprised with one win in the ncaa’s, or with another long run.

But it won’t happen with starts like the past 3 games. Bad time of year to look so vulnerable


I thought the sec and the hogs got stiffed a little, the committee gives Michigan a bid and leaves a&m out. Big 10 gets 9 sec gets 6

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Playing at Tennessee on senior day after we had beat them in FV and playing without Toney. Had a chance to win in the last minute so, yeah…not a blowout.

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Definitely not a blowout to Tn. The Aggies, they did blow us out and for the first time, we played beat the last 5 minutes.

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