#16 on D seems to get manhandled

I believe that’s Bumper.

He likely has a bright future but I worry we may be playing him too young and still in need of more SEC strength.

I assume we have no choice but to play some young guys, but some may need more development for SEC level still I wonder.

Hope the young guys don’t lose confidence before they get more time in the weight room.

If nothing else, it will give them plenty of incentive in the off-season weight program.


Greenlaw is greatly missed. First play after his injury is an easy Vandy TD.


Bumper is going to be a great one.

Got here in Jan., went through off-season, got stronger - but it’s just SEC football and it’s not for the young or faint of heart in those positions.

The real story here is the previous staff recruited only two SEC quality LBs in recent years requiring a true freshman to have to play.

Without naming names there are SEVERAL LBS older than Bumper that never, ever play.

That’s what a focus on backstage passes for Justin Moore, Titos, and self promoting reality TV drivel instead of recruiting gets you.

The worst roster in the league.

I agree the previous staff was not on their game in the final years at all.

We are digging out from under in a big way.

And may be among the five - ten lowest points in program history.