16-nil works

(Sorry, I’m still in soccer mode after my Arsenal Gunners won the FA Cup this afternoon).

Tomorrow’s a free shot. I don’t expect to beat the Corndogs, but I didn’t really expect to beat the Luggage either, much less hang up two touchdowns and a safety. One of these years we have to win the SECT, right? Maybe we can piece together enough pitching to win 10-8?

Just an amazing game by Murphy!! What a game he pitched!! Go Hogs!!!

That was a complete and thorough butt whipping!

Think Murphy’s pitching performance could be the difference tomorrow since other arms were saved. Still, tomorrow will be difficult at best, but you never know how we might piece together enough innings to win, like Swine said, 10-8.

We will be facing the guy who shut us down on Sunday in Fayetteville

Payback is in order

I wondered if they’d thrown him yet. Guess not. Payback is definitely in order.

Would like to be behind 8-5 going into the ninth and win by scoring five runs, all of which were allowed following an LSU error. Is turnabout fair play? :wink:

I’d settle for 16-0 and another mercy rule win. No muss, no fuss, no worry.

The thought did occur that the baseball game today was kind of like the football game against the Gators last fall. They just caught us at the exact wrong time, and got smoked.

Gonna be interesting with both teams hot at the plate and neither has used up their pitching arms to get here.
We just ran out arguably the pitcher in SEC in less than 2 innings & LSU is going with a fresh ace who blanked us last time. He might be a little overconfident & what worked for him last time may not this time around or may be just a tad off and if so we must jump on him quickly.
We already know LSU doesn’t give up till the last out is out.