16 memorable NCAA Tournament finishes

Here is a look back at 16 of the Razorbacks’ great NCAA Tournament finishes (some wins, some losses).

Great article!

Includes all the best and the most disappointing, other than Kansas in 1991.

I think we had Final Four quality teams in 1991 and 1992. The most disappointing losses since I have been paying attention were: 1995 UCLA, 1992 Memphis, 1991 Kansas, 1979 Indiana State.

I think the games that “made us” were UCLA in 1978 and Cal State Fullerton in 1978. Most remember the UCLA game, but most don’t even talk about the Cal State game. We lose that game and UCLA doesn’t matter near as much. (As an aside, I was 14 years old, we were in New Orleans getting on a cruise ship, couldn’t find a TV anywhere, finally called a family in Arkansas and listened to the last minute or so on the phone for that game)

Kansas was disappointing but it wasn’t a memorable finish. We led by 12 at the half but got completely blown out in the second half, losing by 12. You give up 58 in a half, you’re probably going to lose.

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