#16 Burks Titan Jersey

Are on sale at Dicks Sporting Goods Chattanooga.




Gonna have to sell a few more cars, Danny. :grinning:

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NFL stuff ain’t cheap. :flushed:

No kidding! Nothing is right now.

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The sad part is it is likely going to get worse.


I Imagine I’ll be donning one of those 16 jerseys pretty soon.

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This one is very heavy and thick. Not a hot weather item.

I’ve bought 3 Titan jerseys. I’ll get the right item. Academy Sports is where I usually go.

Looks much better in red and white.:wink:

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Will def buy a Burks jersey but NOT @ dicks. I bought my Big Bertha Driver several years back
for $265 but at dicks they wouldn’t go lower than $415. The exact same driver. Will never forget that.

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Yeah. I don’t buy from them.

May sound crazy but I have never bought a NFL jersey.

So if not Dicks then where do we buy one??

BTW how much could we expect to pay for a #16 Burks Jersey?

And where…

Mike, I don’t buy NFL anything. I’ve not had any interest in pro sports in years. So you’re not crazy at all.