15 Wings fall in Peach Jam final

Family EYBL 77, Wings EYBL 57

Chris Moore 16 points 13 rebounds
Gerald Doakes 14 points
Caleb London 14 points 8 rebounds
Davonte Davis 9 points 3 assist

What is the level of mutual interest between all these really good Arkansas kids that age and the Hogs?

The majority are either former H.S. or AAU teamates of Arkansas 2017 & 2018 class. That inside connection would probably allow the Volleyball coach to sign 4 out of 5 :smiley:

Basically my guess is if Arkansas doesn’t implode it should be like when John Calapari was in Memphis signing the best players in Shelby County.

All like Arkansas, Arkansas like all.

The problem is figuring out how many scholarships you are going to have.

I suspect as in any other class, they will offer some, but not all.