15-U Wings improve to 25-0

Wings Elite EYBL 72 defeats AOT EYBL 57 in Atlanta today.

Chris Moore 23 points 14 rebounds
Davonte Davis 11 points 4 assist
Gerald Doakes 10 points
Caleb London 15 points 8 rebounds
DAnte Bell 10 points 10 rebounds

I bet Moore gets an Arkansas offer this summer.

Wings Elite 71 Team Ennis 76

Gerald Doakes 33 points
Davonte Davis 10 points 3 assist
Caleb London 10 points 10 rebounds

The Wings lose for the first time this spring. They’re now 25-1.

Chris Moore didn’t play because of a hip flexor. That’s a guarantee double-double with him in the game.

Some serious talent coming through the Great State of Arkansas. Hopefully Hogs start to get who they want in state like Nolan used to do. Arkansas Basketball is as exciting as it has been in Decades. I want Mike to be successful here so bad, and it is starting to look like he is headed that way. GO HOGS!

Do you anticipate the Hawgs offering Chris Moore in the near future? He’s a 15 yr. old in a man’s body… It makes sense that early interest and offers pay dividends as young men progress in their decision process. I don’t want to miss on this one, as well as additional talented young men on this team.

Just my opinion yes. I said so in the first post.