15:13 left. Down 1.

Hogs headed to the foul line. HUGE
We are a very good foul shooting team.

And Texas isn’t. We’re 18 of 19 and the only miss was Dusty (go figure).

EOE is 8 of 16. That’s as good a reason we’re up 3 as any. Because our bigs are 2 of 12 from the field.

Last 3 possessions, nothing going to the rim.

Now, last 4

They seem uncertain how to attack right now

We’ve let their zone slow our offense down. lobbing passes over the zone instead of crisp passes we had when they were in their man defense.

Hannahs makes a 3… After penetration into the paint. Have to attack the zone.

THAT was the play by BArford I have been waiting for all year.