1450 seats left

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In 2020 we were 12th in NCAA attendance at 15,487 (they didnโ€™t do attendance leaders for 2021 because of the pandemic). If we average 1400 empty seats per game we might be top-5 in 2022. A sellout would have been 4th in the nation in 2020.

From what I understand, that number is based on around 14,000 or 15,000 seats. There are tickets that are being held for students, obviously, and I think there are some being held back for mini-plan offers that have yet to be announced.

I think the students get somewhere in the 2500-3000 range. The tweet would suggest that the 1450 includes what would be available for mini-plans, but maybe not.

So do we know they are holding for mini plans? I would prefer mini plan as its tough for me to get to every game from Dallas.

Mini plans are what you do if you canโ€™t sell out on a season basis. If you can, thatโ€™s what StubHub is for.

Just looked online and looks like about 50 seats left.

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