14 second pitch clock

Attended a Chattanooga Lookouts vs. Tennessee Smokies AA game last Saturday. The 14 second pitch clock was on for the first few innings and then went to 18 seconds. The batter and pitcher had no time to mess around at all. It certainly sped up the game. I assume this is a test for MLB. I kinda liked it. Does anyone have an opinion? They also had a timer starting from the last out until the pitcher took the mound to face the first batter.

I like it. The issue IMO is to figure out what that time should be like 14 and 18 seconds.

What if you truly needed to check your bat, hand for the pitcher or batter??

Do it.

What does that do to a pitcher throwing to a base to get a runner out with a lead off? In softball if the runners foot is off the base when the pitch is thrown, the runner is out.

Didn’t see any pick off moves in the one game I attended. Batters messing with their gloves and continuously calling time wears me out too. But as a soon to be 71 year old I’m not as patient as I was in my younger days.

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