13 young players who've impressed in Belk Bowl practices

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Here are some of the young guys who’ve stood out so far in bowl prep. Obviously didn’t include guys who’ve established themselves somewhat (Scoota, Sosa) or been injured (Cole Kelley).

Thought Kurt Anderson provided some good OL details.

Any of the guys that watch practices (or practices this past Spring Fall), can Agim and Taylor play outside LB in the 3-4 scheme? Maybe have Edwards at NT, Guidry and Jackson at DT’s, and Agim and Taylor as the OLB’s. Best five lineman on the field at same time. I know Agim was extremely athletic coming out of HS, could they play that position. I’d assume Greenlaw would be one of the ILB, who would be the other, Babtiste maybe?

Taylor missed most (maybe all) of fall camp, so we never got to see him. But Bielema mentioned that he and Randy Ramsey could potentially be OLBs in a 3-4.

I’d be surprised if Sosa was in a role where he was standing up regularly. I think he’ll have his hand on the ground, which maybe means he’d play DE in a 3-4.

Jimmy, do you ever hear anything about Giovanni Lafrance?

I haven’t heard his name mentioned in a while. Obviously it’s still early, but Alexy and Dee have been the 2 young LBs mentioned most aside from Scoota.