13 points

Virginia’s score at half. Jeepers.

And they are #6 in the Polls?? What the heck is up with that, and a 19-12 record. Mercy

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6 seed in the conference. ESPN is showing the seeding for every team in these conference tournaments

OK. Knew something was not right…

And on the other side of the coin Vandy scored 54 against Bama in the second half, almost twice what they scored in the first to win by 16!

Vandy won by 6…

I don’t know how they get players to come there and stand. ‘Come to Virgina and average 6 points a game.’

They got a transfer we were after last year, remember. Gardner from ECU.

He must have really liked sedentary basketball.

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He’s their leading scorer at 15.3 ppg. Which given their offense is a bigger share of their points than JD scores of ours.

Somebody has got to do it.

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