13 & 2 at this point?

Who would’ve realistically predicted? Zero inside post play… Three wins on the road at this point is exceptional! We’re still going to struggle for lack of size but could easily be 15 & 0. Enjoy why we can!!


Amazing fire and heart coming out.

We could be 15-0 even.

All I want is for Arkansas to make the NCAAs where it should be every year.

Low seed. High seed.

No excuses.

This historic program needs to make Tournament.

Nice to see that kind of attitude today.

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I’m not surprised. Now I’m not opposed to more depth and some size, but I’ve been screaming for us to get away from post inside big man basketball for decades

Are you implying we wouldn’t have a better team with one Big Man to go to… Like a Gafford?

I will take an athletic post guy every day and twice on Saturdays

You’ve also been screaming to stop over coaching and running set plays. How do you feel about our style with the new coach? Coaching but not over coaching?

You just never know. He would’ve helped against LSU but hurts us on defensive pick and role. It I’m sure he helps more than hurt. If we got 10 more boards against LSU which Gifford could have got we win by 15. But tonight game would have looked a lot different than it did. They went small on us to match up.

Next week is big.

I don’t want to overlook Vandy, but a Saturday win over Kentucky would be huge.

Again, Are you implying a legit inside threat wouldn’t help this team? Not a flame… just asking? Hard to work an offense & defense without an inside threat. Very pleased with where we’re at today but suspect we’ll lose some games without a post presence

I’ll take 1-1 but if we could got 2-0 the bud will explode!

Just the opposite. A post presence is essential to winning long term in my opinion. That’s why I said I would take one every day.

We had a post presence last year with Gafford, but we could never exploit it. I would take this years team over last years in a heartbeat.

Different team and coaches

Get the Vandy win ! If the hogs beat Kentucky or even if they get beat by Kentucky it’s not a bad loss. Vandy would be a bad loss!
Lack of an inside presence is killing the hogs protecting the rim and rebounding. There’s no doubt in my mind we would have beaten LSU and WKY if we had Gafford or maybe if Vanover would have been able to play this season.
The Bud is already alive again. Give CEM time and we will be dancing every season.

I love bigs that can face up out and shoot it and drive it, and run the court, they are coming.

Bigs with somewhat guard skills are preferable. Put backs and trash buckets help some. But back to the bucket post guys are dinosaurs.

I would rather see a three from a shooter than forcing inside to the most defended area on the court.

I agree. Players need to not even think about KY. Go take care of Vandy on Wednesday then get ready.

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After watching that game today Bama @ Kentucky the ref’s took care of Kentucky so we will be facing 5 on 8 yet again! They made some 3’s today and played pretty good but Bama was just flat. The Hogs need to take it one game at a time and improve with each game. I don’t think there an answer this season to the rebounding problem.

I get what you’re saying Gashog. Just saying we need a Gafford type player as an inside threat on both sides of the board. We saw mostly sagging zones last year. Would love a big guy that we could throw into or stretch 4 on the defensive end. Dwight Stewart comes to mind. Put Corliss or Big O on this group… Top 10 team!

I like him, I really like the freedom he gives to guys to jack it up! He finally got tempo in our favor in the second half, I love the defensive intensity and pressure on the ball, guy are constantly in the opponents grill, and are really switching well, and helping well.
Traps late and ball denial won it late I thought.

I don’t think tonight was preferred performance throughout the game, but he gives freedom for his best players to take incredible shots and make plays. It won again without a beastly big for the 13th time.
We had some great drive and kicks for shots tonight, and we had some great pull up knock down 3’s as well.
I love coaches the draw up pull up and step back 35 footers…lol if that’s really what’s happening. I think it’s more freedom to create by the player. And mark me down for that.
He is not wasting talent. He’s allowing way more than he’s drawing up. That’s a good thing. Not calling a lot of time outs, letting them play is a sign of a great coach. They really play what they practice. I do like the Moneyball study he puts into it.

I actually am interested to see how he manages more quality depth.
I know he likes getting to the line more and we did that tonight, and shooting the 3 more, Joe did tonight, but we still only made 8, and I’ve heard him say we need 10-12 3 makes a game.

I think adding more shooters, more shooters who can drive it, and more size that can shoot and drive fixes a lot of that. Obviously that also helps in the rebounding put back dept.

But make no mistake he will always be when he gets settled, a 3 point bombing FT attempt shooting team with good tempo. With guys that can do it.

Yes they did go small on us and attacked the rim too! I thought that was a great move. Until we started trapping as denying the ball. But bottom line, Joe just went plum off, steal, blocked shot was HUGE, he was just cranking it.

I thought Al Dillard would have helped in the LSU game.