12-6 in SEC: Did this team over, under or properly achieve?

I’d say this team underachieved by a game or two. I think we were clearly the third most talented team in the SEC. 6-3 on the road seems about right, but 6-3 at home is underachieving IMO.

For full disclosure I think last year’s team overachieved.

*Another reason I’d say this team slightly underachieved is because they did have a chance to practice and play in the offseason. Would have thought that Barford would’ve come on sooner than later, but glad he did nonetheless

Finished exactly where I thought they would. Always thought this was a 22-24 win.

I got the 11-2, 12-6, and 23-8 part right, missed on which games though.


I think we overachieved. Pomeroy agrees; he rates us as the 16th luckiest team in the country. The only close game (5 or less) we lost was Mizzou, and that was rallying from way down. Every other nailbiter we won. You normally don’t do that well in close games. You also don’t win 23 with the #124 defensive efficiency. We did.

Good point

Under achevied at home, over on the road. All of our toughest games were on the road this season, accept for Florida at home.

They over achieved from what I thought they would do. That said, the MSU and MU losses were bad losses that shouldn’t have occurred. Vandy right up their with them, but not as bad. The only win I think you can say “we shouldn’t have gotten” was the SC game. So you COULD say we should have a 2 game better W/L record (even one more if you consider the Minnesota game).

However, considering all the new players, some bad games were to be expected. I thought they would occur against Texas and Houston. They didn’t.

Over all, I say over achieved or just right. I don’t see the under achieve option.

If my memory servers me correctly The Hawgs were pre-selected to finish somewhere between 6 -8, regardless Kingsley was pre- selected as best player of the conference. All but ignoring the rest of the returning players in addition to our newcomers it appears the league said they weren’t impressed. Therefore, how can you honestly say this team under achieved. Mike had to mesh 7 new players with his returnees. regarding the home losses two of those were handed out to us by top 10 ball clubs, that had more length and they were more athletic to boot. now if kingsley decides to let it all hangout, as well as our fours, we will be a totally different team going into post conference play and anything is possible. again how do you say they underachieved.

They have losses to Miss State and Mizzou. I think I laid out my reasoning pretty plainly, but I can understand arguments for any option. It’s why I asked the question

The 6-3 SEC road record is tied with our 2014-15 Portis/Qualls team as the best SEC road record since our Nat’l Championship team went 6-2 in 1993/94. We did great on the road but the glaring under-achievement was the home loss to MS St. As bad as we thought our loss @ MO was, the MS St home loss was worse. Anything can happen on the road, witness the Vandy 20 point loss at Mo.

Overall, I’m happy with where we are, especially with our strong 6-1 finish to the regular season.

I sorted Pomeroy’s rankings by defensive efficiency and looked at who is in tournament contention with a worse defense than ours. Virginia Tech, Marquette and Wake Forest popped up immediately. V-Tech is an 8 seed on Lunardi’s board, Marquette and Wake are both 11s. And none of them have 23 wins.

Preseason 5th per coaches

https://www.seccountry.com/sec/sec-medi … f-the-year

Who cares this team did Just fine.

It was mentioned earlier that they were picked 6th to 8th. Just providing facts.

If you didn’t want to participate in the discussion, nobody forced you.

The two worst losses, MSU & MU at home, were terrible underachieving games, but overall I think they overachieved just a bit. The Vandy loss at home, especially considering the margin of the loss, was the low point of the season for me. I was convinced following it that we’d shot our chances at the NCAAT. Following that game we became an overall overachiever.

I’m just relieved we’re in. I’d like another win or two in the SECT, but I’d love a win in the NCAAT. I’ll be ecstatic with two NCAAT wins.

Obviously everyone is entitled to their opinion, and it appears that I am in the minority here (not suprised), but winning @ LSU, @ SC, Ole Miss, aTm, @ Auburn, and home for UGA is not OVERachieving IMO. Now, winning at UF? That would have been overachieving. We are not as talented as UF or UK. I do think we have the third most talent in the SEC. That is why I believe we slightly underachieved. We should have been 13-5, 14-4 IMO. Just my very humble opinion.

I would say enjoy it. 12 wins are commendable for a rebuilt team. The losses serve their purpose in refocusing the team. And this team still has room for improvement.

We certainly had a few stinkers in the season, but I think many overlook the challenge Mike and this team had in building the chemistry that led to some pretty good games coming down the stretch. I could see some real progress in the offensive flow. Less improvement noticeable in the defense, but still some improvement.

I thought that I saw a lot of improvement on defense in the last few games when they went to zone. As to the achievement level, I thought that generally Moses underachieved and the remainder who played meaningful minutes overachieved.

I don’t disagree looking at it now.

But before the season I did not think we had talent that was #3. Also considering all the new guys on this team it isn’t shocking that we had a few stinker games. They did better than I thought they would do so in that sense they “overachieved.” Should we have beat MSU, MU, Vandy and Minnesota? I think so. So, in that sense they underachieved. But, the bottom line to me is they did better than I thought they would so to me, they overachieved.

With all the new players trying to gel, it meant there would be a game or two (maybe 3) that they would lose they shouldn’t have. Losing at Missouri and coming back home to lose to Vandy could have capsized this team, but they got it together and achieved about all they could in the regular season. Shouldn’t be disappointed with 23-8 and 12-6.