12/3/17 Wally Hall's Dem Gazette Column.

Today, Wally Hall exposed how Arkansas AD and Coaching backroom politics have been like a runaway train. Arkansas fans haven’t been told the truth about the AD’s and Coaches, why they were hired and fired. Now Arkansas is at a crossroads again, concerning an AD and Coach. It’s like smoking mirrors. Things become real fuzzy when all the politics become the major factor in hiring and firing.
Arkansas fan base is fading. U of A has a new 160 million stadium expansion going on and can’t afford to lose anymore fan money because of bad decisions. That’s a 160 million for 5,000 new seats, which is not a real smart return on an investment so large.
A & M just paid 75 million to hire their new coach for 5 years. What do you suppose it will cost UA to hire a top Coach ( oohh and an AD )?
Ticket prices going up again? Students having to pay more tuition? If UA doesn’t hire a top rated coach ( who?) and the Hogs continue to be an
also ran type team, I guess the College Administration can say … " we might not win many games but our graduation rate is high ?
Look for an announcement soonest

Facts are wrong, 75 mil 10 years…thats a huge difference there my friend

I stand corrected … thanks

He didn’t expose anything today. He recapped what almost all of us knew even if many of us had forgotten some of it. Regardless, none of what he said is really relevant today unless it was a really bad decision to hire CBB. It wasn’t a bad decision, of course, it was a reasonable decision that didn’t work out well.

We all know John White screwed the athletic dept up, but most of his screw ups affected the basketball programs (men’s & women’s.) There was never a good time for Broyles to leave as AD, but even that legendary man was going to be replaced at some point. IMO, Jeff Long turned out to be a good choice even though he made some mistakes. The decision to hire BP was one virtually any AD in our position would have made. It was hailed at the time. Again, it didn’t work out, but it wasn’t a bad decision.

We have no idea if our next decisions on the AD & HC will be good or not. Probably won’t know for another 5-6 years.