Official attendance

Nice to see a large crowd

And the Hogs gave em a show.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the size of the crowd. I went fully expecting a crowd of 7-8k. I suspect most others expected the same thing because the traffic was awful coming to the arena. I ran a bit later than I intended but didn’t think I’d have trouble getting parked & into the place on time. I didn’t have a ticket when I went–my buddy & I thought we’d walk up to the ticket window, buy an upper level ticket then sit court side. Boy was I wrong. Finally got to the plaza about 7:05 & it was packed with people trying to get in through the metal detectors. I paid $35 to a scalper for a ticket. ($25 face value.)

No regrets, though. It was an enjoyable game. My first time to see them in person this year and it was the type of crowd I remember from BWA 15 years ago. Not quite packed, but very close.