117th in FBS, average yards per play? Just awful. I don’t see us running the table given this, and I don’t really see it getting much better.

And I also read somewhere we are dead last in the country giving up plays over 25 yards. It is hard to imagine and reflective of an absolute disasterous defense.

Sorry, I’ll just focus on wins versus losses at this point.

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Posts like the OP are like perforing surgery with a chainsaw. You get the job done, kinda sorta, but you miss some delicate moments.

Go crunch numbers on when we are down -4 or more, up 4+ points, or in between +3 and -3. That second category will look good. The first will look epically bad. The latter one will look like there isn’t much rope left to hold on to. Perspective: when we are ahead our defense plays pretty well.


Well, Bielema is No. 1 (with an Odom disciple as DC). What the stats don’t reveal is that Bret’s team is a bunch of Fla and GA kids recruited by Lovie Smith, most are seniors, they’ve had -0- injuries and they’ve played a lousy schedule.

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Well, football is not really a delicate subject matter. You either consistently stop people on defense or you don’t. I sure hope it gets better, but I’m having a tough time seeing that happen. Channeling my inner Wally — “Like It Is.”

Hmmmm……I don’t know if that is as bad as you’re making it sound

Same record as last year at this time & same groans about defense as well. Amazing we had a Natl Defensive Player of the week.
Turn the page to our offense & you will find some pretty good stats & efficiency tho.

Bielema’s formula for success might remind UA fans that we had a boatload of super seniors last year. Never discount the value of experience and maturity.


Injuries without quality depth will always looks very bad on the field and on the stat sheet. I’m not saying that our backups on defense won’t be quality players just not at this time. WPS

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Is the rest of the schedule loaded with offensive powerhouses? Great quarterbacks? That’s the predictor of what lies ahead. Ole Miss has a big play offense. I’m still trying to decide how good LSU can be on offense. Stats are useful tools. But sometimes you have to understand who was on the schedule. When you get to the end of the year the stats become much more useful.

Yes, 120th in passing yards allowed, but 4-3 where it counts, with wins over Cincy and on the road at BYU.

Hmmm, got the stomach cancer, along with the whole GI track.

Yes. I agree. We should rehire Bielema. As long as he brings his schedule with him. There is nothing wrong with our Defense, that some really slow footed Offenses wouldn’t heal.

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