11 hrs now given up by Knight and Murphy!that has to change

Murphy really needs to get it going.

This is sad. :smiley:

Good grief!

Murphy got it going today without his best stuff. I’d say he pitched really well. If they do give up homers don’t walk anyone in front of the homer!

Did today satisfy you? I think he battled today and pitched pretty good! 7.1/3 is a quality start and 0 earned runs.

I’m hoping Campbell can duplicate him tomorrow. I’d take 6 strong from Campbell right now. It would be nice.

What is more concerning, is the BBs. Murphy walked two today, and Knight had several batters reach the 3 ball count. :smiley:

In fact, the title of his post sounded a LOT like youdaman. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I hope so! Blaine strikes out 11 and throws 108 pitches and Murphy pitches 7 1/3 and throws 110 pitches and he’s complaining! Yesh! Murphy got out of 2 jams in the 1st and 5th and what about Fletcher’s throw from center field keeping the runner at 3rd!! As DVH has said many times Fletcher will make 1 outstanding play every weekend! This is a fabulous team and fans need to enjoy it while they can!

sip smirk

Understood! It’s obvious we had 2 quality
Starts this series and got good defense in the first inning today to save the bacon! We need to win tomorrow.
After what Bama has done this weekend I wouldn’t be suprised for them to take 2 in the series next week end against Ole Miss.
we need them too! Auburn laid an egg this weekend and Ole Miss got the sweep.
We need to win tomorrow to maintain a 1 game lead. Maybe the hogs get hot and take Georgia to the wood shed in that series on the road.

I was encouraged at Bama’s performance last night. I kept switching back & forth to that game. Kept expecting Bama to choke (LSU had a late inning grand slam to pull out the game the previous night.). Glad they beat the corndogs.

Bama is out of the SECT, so they’re just playing out the season now. Still, they showed some pride last night in Red Stick. If they can win 2 over the Rebnecks, I like our odds of winning the west. I’m still not confident that can happen, but they have the ability to win at least one. I’m afraid we’re going to need their help. We’ve played poorly on the road at much easier places than Athens will be next week.

First, of course, we badly need to win today.

I would take Bama winning 1 or 2 games next weekend. Of course the last weekend is Thursday through Saturday for all SEC teams. I hope the hogs can win today and get 2 wins against Georgia. I’d like to see Ole Miss get some humble pie dished out at Bama.