105-man roster question, Matt

I see in your story on the WRs that Jared Cornelius was removed from the 105-man roster after he got hurt and thus can’t participate in any team activities or meetings.

I’m a little puzzled by that. You leave off a senior starter at a position with a lot of new faces that could benefit from his leadership/mentoring even if he’s unable to practice. Why? Is it that important to get one more walk-on in there as scout team fodder? Or are they trying to draw out guys like Pettway and Stewart as the story suggests?

I think it is as simple as being able to get one more player practice time before the roster expands. Cornelius isn’t going to practice for a while; maybe not until the week of the first game. The coaches would rather use the maximum number of bodies in practice.

They added River Warnock in Cornelius’ place, for the record.

It’s not as if those new WR can’t talk directly to Jared in between the actual practices. I’m sure he’s hanging out with the team in the dorms, at meals, etc. He just can’t practice or physically be at practices (or, get direct coaching) during this period. But he’s not otherwise ostracized from the squad. And he knows what’s going on; he’s been around it long enough he doesn’t have to be present for pre-season camp. Now, once they start game planning for the first game . . . that’s a little bit different (but not much, given the opponent. JC already knows the plays).

One of the things no one ever thinks about as far as fall camp is how many routes a receiver runs in pass skeleton. It’s hundreds of routes. To bring in River Warnock means everyone runs about 1/10th fewer routes. That might be 150 fewer routes over a two-week period. They need River so that they get the reps with all of the QBs. That’s why it was important to take Jared off the 105 list.


Thank you, Clay. You break it down and suddenly
it seems obvious.


Where did River come from? Walk-on waiting for a call?

River played in five games on special teams last season.

He is a junior walk on who played his high school football at North Little Rock for Brad Bolding and was a team captain.