102 compared to 60

Which number is better ranking? If I’m not mistaken 60 is a better ranking than 102…Why the hell are we complaining like we have some type of helluva program that the BEST DC would leave a great situation to come rebuild here. People be realistic! We are not gonna get a top notch DC this year. CCM is gonna have to get the program going in the right direction to even get a nibble from a proven DC. I get it, Chavis may just be a has been, but he is probably the best that will come to Arkansas. I honestly believe paired with the right position coaches he will have this defense legit. If Chavis indeed the guy I’m all in.

I’m with you though I don’t like your reasoning. I think your reasoning sounds a lot like the reasoning some were making on behalf of CBB and they were being told they were accepting mediocrity even though they weren’t. So this would be “accepting mediocrity”–the best Arkansas can get. I don’t buy that.
However, I agree with you about being all in because if he’s the one CCM wants (and there’s nothing to suggest he isn’t unless CCM doesn’t hire him) then he’s the one I want. I’m “all in” to support the Razorback coach. Time will tell whether or not the Chief is the best hire.

Not accepting mediocrity, but don’t you think he turned over every stone possible to get someone who HE thinks is a fit. At the end of the day you can want someone all that want, but that person has to want and accept the job.

I agree with that. I don’t have a problem with the hiring, but I don’t know that he looked anywhere but in Chavis’ direction. Certainly not saying he did or didn’t; I just don’t know. So I’m going to support him even if those numbers were reversed simply because I figure he knows who he’s looking for and who will fit his style.

I get some folks seem to think that Chavis is a “has been.” But to say “we aren’t going to get a PROVEN DC?” Chavis is, above all, a proven DC. He was great at two programs. Mediocre at A&M…which has been TERRIBLE on D before he came.

Give Chavis a chance. Its not like coach’s brains erode. As long as he has the energy and the want-to, I imagine he can succeed…IF WE CAN RECRUIT. And His reputation is that he can. But Morris himself is the ace-in-the-hole in recruiting Arkansas and Texas. Mainly the latter.

If it is Chavis, we will be getting a coach that has 20 years of experience in the S E C looks like to me that is a good hire. Morris needs to have other coaches here that is used to the conference.