101 Best CFB coaches of the last 50 years

Bobby Petrino #77
Danny Ford #39 (not for what he did here obviously)
Frank Broyles #30
Jimmy Johnson #25
Lou Holtz #19
Barry Switzer #9

No sign of Ken Hatfield, or Bret Bielema, or Houston Nutt.

Oh, one more Arkansan. Bear Bryant #2.

No disagreement with the list

Fir Arkansas I think Coach Danny Ford will eventually be recognized as the coach that took a dead Hog and bread new life into it at a critical time

Ford won the West when (a) it was very weak and (b) on top of that, Alabama was on probation. He also couldn’t beat SMU and, although he recruited players that Nutt was able to win with, he himself couldn’t do squat with them, He finished last in the West in 1997 on merit, and he was fired on merit. I’ve always been one who supported our coach until he was no longer our coach, but it was clear midway through 1997 that Ford was mailing it in.

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I typically support AD’s and Coaches as long as they are in our hire

Exceptions have been JL Smith

And HDNutt (which I was wrong in going to the dark side too early but I think it was best he left

I give Danny Ford credit for giving the program creditability at a stage it lacked so much

Weak or not he gave us our first win over Bama

I have wondered about if Joe Kines was done dirty in that deal

But at the time I think Danny Ford was the right guy not sure if anyone else would of worked with JFB at that moment in history

I’m sure your correct on your perceptions just think Danny Ford was the only named Coach that would of come and yes - breathed life into a dead Arkansas program

Mailing it in - I don’t know I was in Europe at the time depending on weeks old OH articles and AFN Europe

I did get to be hone for the Bama win - one of my favorite games ever with all my Bama Graduate fellow officers :grinning:

One :point_up: f which said the referees gave us the game because of Danny lol

Bama fans never lose unless you cheated

Just like UK fans in basketball

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