100 seasons of baseball promo

I was there for all of these highlights: Toops HR, Eibner’s HR to tie UVA in Omaha, Hogs are going to Omaha (call by Phil), and the unforgettable call by Larry Shank after the 7th inning stretch.


Gives me chills, though honestly I wish they would have made it a little longer and included more highlights. There are SO many from these last 20 years.

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I know we didn’t have a baseball team for quite a few years (1930-47, maybe?) and after the team was revived it was an afterthought for about 25 years until Norm was hired.

Heck, it was an after thought even AFTER Norm was hired. But he saw to it that didn’t last.

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It was a total afterthought when I was in college. The old Geo Cole Field (stadium) was built when I was in law school & it began its slow ascent. I never attended a game at Geo Cole Field & only mildly started keeping up with it that year we made the run in Omaha & finished 2nd. I got more interested after Baum was built & by the time DVH was hired I’d gotten into Razorback baseball. However, I can’t really tell you when I became totally immersed. Probably about 2005 or so. Since then I’ve become perhaps more engrossed in Hog baseball than any other sport–and that’s a lot of engrossment. I won’t miss a game now even if my “attendance” is limited to radio, live streaming, or TV.

I can’t wait until Friday. The weather should be pretty nice for this time of year.

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Feeling excited about this year and hoping we do indeed get to Omaha and make a lot of noise. Love that 100 Seasons clip above. “This is BASEBALL, oh yeah.”

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