100% attendance for baseball and softball!

It’s sad that we’re amazed when the NCAA makes the right decision.


Glad to hear it. BWS will be rockin’

Like the cicadas, about every 17 years between them.



Woo hoo!!!


That was funny Rice! I needed a good laugh!

So many schools needing any help that they can get from a revenue standpoint because of COVID one would think this decision would have been made weeks ago!

This will be huge for Baum and for Bogle…both locations will be loud and proud!!!

Remember that the NCAA is getting a lot of this money. And the COVID situation has changed significantly recently with the CDC easing mask recommendations, etc. As with everything else about this pandemic, stuff is subject to rapid change.

Now if Arkansas would just allow us to tailgate. :crossed_fingers:


Do they allow that at regionals?

They have in the past, but they have said no this year. Then again, the original ruling was 50% of capacity for attendance.

NCAA sees $$$$$$$$$

I’m sure they do, but until today their health concerns outweighed the desire for cash.

Rice, there is also a 13-year cicada. The 17-year cicada is what we get in north Arkansas. I will be really old when it hits again. But I sure hope to fish it. Brown trout go crazy. Sort of like the NCAA.

No, Swine it is always about the dollars. It was a fear of a lawsuit. Money is always their motivation.

I can’t believe they care about anyone but themselves.

Which is what I was saying, and said last week when we were discussing whether this would happen. The health concerns = not wanting to get sued if people get sick. Nothing altruistic about it. They decided extra ticket revenue was worth the risk of getting sued.

It’s always about the dollar in most things.

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