10 Years Ago Today

John L. Smith won his last game as HC of the Razorbacks

Seems like yesterday… seems like a century ago


Tums help.

I might call John L and do a Where Are They Now. But he might not know. He thought he was in Alabama 10 years ago. Jokes aside, he is a good dude. Put in an awful situation.


Also on this date: the seven-overtime game against Ole Miss in 2001 and Darren McFadden’s 321-yard game against South Carolina in 2007.


I have no recollection at all of John L’s win over Tulsa. I probably checked out after the LAMO loss. The 01 win over Eli and company was one of my favorite games ever. Epic!

I was at the game, and the only thing I remember was that Tulsa was really, really bad, and that it was still kind of a surprise we won the game.

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That AR/Ole Miss 7 OT game was covered by PTI the other day… said it had a bearing on changing the OT rules.

I disagree with them that it had much influence on the rule change. The same OT rules stayed in place for almost 20 years afterward. I think it was the LSU-Texas A&M game a few years ago that had the most bearing on the rule change.

I’ve never cared much for the college OT rules, but I long for what we saw in 2001 vs. what we have now with the two-point tries beginning in the third OT.


Matt, I agree completely.

Matt, are you saying you like the NFL rules more?

Not necessarily. I don’t think college or NFL has perfected OT, although I think the NFL’s new playoff rule that guarantees both teams possession is probably the most appealing to me. I think it will probably become a regular-season rule, but it will probably take five years or so to get to that point.

Give me the former college OT rules, as they were in 2001…except let the offenses start on the opponent’s 40, or even midfield. That would end the games sooner and still maintain the flavor of regular play.

I know that a LOT of us have made this suggestions for years.


I think I am in the minority, but I LOVED the OLD OT rules. I hate the NFL OT stuff. I realize the old college rule took punting and kickoffs out of the game, but I still thought it was great.

I always saw people talking about player safety and exhaustion making the old rules bad. But how many of those 5, 6 or 7 OT games were there? Not many.

I do not like the new rules, but I will say they are still better than the NFL rule. If you are going to do what the NFL does, just play a full quarter (or 10 minutes, or whatever) not this “who ever scores first wins” crap. (And yes, I know they have changed that up some)

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I personally think a tie is fair to everyone, so I see no reason for OT.

Just me, but I hate ties. I don’t think any sporting event should end in a tie. And I am sure there is an exception that I would say “well, OK” on but football games, basketball games, baseball games, nope. Should never end in a tie.

Actually, you are correct. I was thinking football but the rest have to have OT.

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