10 points at home

Directional TX. Incredible.

Just stop. What good does it do to keep making threads like this?

Well, they havnt stopped the game.

But starting threads blasting the team every 15 minutes does nothing, so just stop.

Not blasting the team, I find it incredible.

I don’t have a problem with your constant fandom policing.
Continue on.

General, I know you’re a Huge Hog fan as am I and probably 99.9% of those that take the time to post, but you really need to stop trying to tell fans what they should or shouldn’t post on this forum.
People have many ways of expressing frustration and you, I and others may not agree about how to go about doing it, but it’s a public forum and as long as posters aren’t out of line with language they have the freedom to express their opinions as they wish.
Likewise, if you don’t enjoy someone’s post just ignore it as long as it’s a clean post, it’s not your place to decide what opinions should be posted or not.

Learn to just let it go!

Go Hogs!