10 points, 9 assists, game-winning shot, crucial D at the end

Jalen Harris had a great game, folks. 9:1 turnover-assist ratio. Even made his free throws.

But half of y’all want to run him off.

Yeah, I was just reading the other threads, was gonna ask if they knew we won because of him.

It fact he can’t make the outside shot! I’m glad he went to hole. I’m diappointed with his shooting on the season. Especially the 1/9 @ Kentucky. Today the hogs win and he helped. Him, Gave and Adrio don’t need to be shooting the 3 or long outside shots and when they are on the floor teams leave them wide open and it leads to double tens on other players.

I’ve criticized Harris last few games, but never questioned his value to the team and what he can do. He showed us all in the non-conference what he’s capable of, hopefully this game gets his confidence up and he continues to play well. Because, we just look different on offense with him out there, he’s by far the best ball handler, he directs traffic and keeps everyone moving, notice when he’s on the bench, the offense becomes stagnant, you’ll even see him standing up on the bench directing people around when he’s not in the game. I told another poster last week, if you pay attention he’s the leader of the team everybody looks to him, that’s why he plays so many minutes even when he struggles.

Harris usually gives full effort in most games. He needs to improve his decision making and outside shot in the off season. If he could develop a consistent midrange jump shot, he could be All-SEC.

I do remember you saying he was the leader of the team and I believe your right. Today he played to his strengths and recognized his role with this team and was successful. If we could get more players to understand their role and play within that role we will have more success as a team. I’ve been critical at times of players not playing to their strengths and trying to do to much and it has cost us numerous times. Harris did play well today and my hats off to him as he made everyone better today. WPS

I am really hoping next year, his offense will come around with a year of division one starter behind him. If that happens, he could be a very effective PG.

When you get past all our frustration and criticisms, other than offense, he does everything you want from a PG.

Yea, if he can just shoot 25% from 3, get up to a 75% free throw shooter, and he continues to distribute the ball and has the A/T ratio he does, that’s a solid PG. And I think he can hit those numbers, I seen a workout video he posted during the summer, he was hitting several 3’s in a row, shot didn’t look bad, I think it’s just a confidence thing at this point, hopefully he puts time in during the off-season and that confidence gets back up. Also, he’s an underrated defender. At times I’ve seen him really get after it and harass the opponent, I think he’ll continue to get better there as well.

Good basketball players have slumps, the better ones fight thru it and get their mojo back. Jalen did that proved his worth.
Mason Jones did as well with some lights out shooting coming off the bench.