10 of the 14 SEC HCs in FB/BB have not taken cuts

In their paycheck because of the pandemic,

Misery, OM and SoCar have cut both head coaches’ salaries. Vandy wouldn’t say but it has laid off athletic department employees. The other 10, including Arkansas, have not cut pay.

In case you’re wondering, both HCs working for Jeff Long (Grasseater and Show-Cause Self) have taken pay cuts.

Your headline, I believe is incorrect. Shouldn’t it be “10 of the 14 SEC HCs… have NOT taken cuts”?

you are correct. Fixing. Too darn early when I typed it.

I think Long also took a pay cut at Kansas.

I get the sense Arkansas is holding off on anything salary related until it knows exactly what the football season will look like. I’ve checked several times and no one at Arkansas has taken a pay cut this year.

That’s the sense I have, and listening to HY’s newser from yesterday, that is reinforced. He specifically referenced $41 million in salaries that may have to be adjusted.

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