10 observations about Hogs' 2017 schedule

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Vandy in WMS for 2018 is the only option that makes sense. Still leaves three SEC games in RRS for 2018, plus the gaping hole left when we got Michiganed. If they don’t get somebody good to fill that hole, the RRS slate will be relatively weak – although it still includes Bama, LSU and the Black Bears (hopefully probation riddled by that time). I do not see any indication of other NC games for 2018 yet, so it could be a whole lot of really creamy cupcakes.

I kind of think that if they want to kick the can down the road for a few years, they might agree to a contract extension for three more years in return for getting out of bringing an SEC opponent into Little Rock. WMS board would love to have any Hog games going forward, so that would probably be feasible if Long wants to avoid any political trouble.

I honestly don’t think there is going to be a big fight this time if the Little Rock games are ended. I think that most central and southern Arkansas fans are much more receptive to the idea than the last time around, or at least resigned to the change. So I think it is more likely that Long will announce the end of LR games rather than an extension.

I don’t think there’s any reason to kick the can down the road. Vandy is not going to bring a significant number of fans over here no matter where the game is played. And at least an SEC game is going to give them a fighting chance to sell out WMS, which sure won’t happen with Alcorn and probably not with FAMU either.

A lot of people are going to regard the Vandy game as the last one in WMS, and maybe it will be, but JL said yesterday in his TD Club talk that the decision won’t be made until after that 2018 game.

I think a lot of people are resigned to the end of WMS games, with the new expansion being the final nail in the coffin, but I still see a lot of people on Facebook and other places who are not ready to give up on WMS games and/or the parties on the golf course.

Wouldn’t surprise me if they go to every other year for a few years when we are the away team in Jerryworld. I’ve also been wondering if they can do something else to replace the game there, maybe something like the spring game or a long weekend of practices and a scrimmage, either in the spring or early in fall. Maybe tie it in with a baseball series or something. Not sure what the rules are on that, or if they were changed after Mich went to Orlando for a week.

I think everyone realizes the football games are going to end at WMS pretty soon, whether in 2018 or 20 or 22. But IMO the athletic dept. needs to come up with some way to keep a connection with central (and south, and east) Ark when that happens.

That “every other year” idea is plausible. Wouldn’t surprise me, either, although I don’t really expect it. However, I understand TAMU wants to stop the Jerry World game. That still frees us up for a game at WMS, but I’m inclined to think the only games we’ll play there are an occasional game against a cupcake. At that won’t happen if WMS gets modified the way Rex Nelson suggested last week.

Terrible schedule
TWO FCS games? Wazzup with that!!!

If I read correctly one of the teams will not be an FCS team in 2017. It will be their 1st year in FBS.

Consecutive games
Total = without a off week
SEC = no off week or plays a non-conf opponent

…Ttl … SEC
Bama…8 …5
Ark…10 …4
AU … 8 …5
UF … 7 …5
UGA … 6… 4
UK …6 …4
LSU …8…4
OM …9…6
msu …7…3
MO … …8…4
USC …7…3
UT …7…3
aTm …7…4
Vandy …7…4

AR and OM get the screws…

You’re right!..my bad. But a first year FBS team, really?

I think that the final nail in the WMS coffin was the poor attendance at the Georgia game. That was astounding to me.

I agree Marty…how can you bitch/moan about no WMS games when you don’t even go!.. We are the only SEC team, to my knowledge, that has “off campus” games…OM/MSU quit the Jxn games years ago as did Aub & AL with the Bham games…

The off week next season comes very early, the week before Texas A&M.

That leaves Arkansas playing four SEC road games in a six-week stretch, with the Aggies making it five SEC games away from home in an eight-week span.

Does anybody else in the league have to do anything like that?

10 straight games is ridiculous…Id like to hear from University of Arkansas official an SEC official on this. Please tell me our administration and coaching staff shared concerns with the SEC office. That is crazy, at least give us an additional 10-12 scholarship players to add to the 85 limit. We seem to always get the short end of the stick on scheduling.

Waaaaa. Waaaa. Waaaaa. Are you too young to remember back in the days when there were no open dates??

Also, besides that, we have an open date on Sept. 30 and Nov. 4. :wink:

Well, the conference schedule is about as tough as can be, and we have the return TCU game.

What is is that you would like them to do?

Maybe a Mid Major, but NOT Toledo!

We could have had an open date Nov. 4 – before LSU – but we chose to play the Chanticleers instead. So that’s our fault. Now was it a situation that we already had a deal with CCU and the SEC had to work around it? Dunno.

That contract with Coastal Carolina has been in place for a while.