$10 mil projected for Arch

I know this is true - or highly suspected it was

Do you think Arkansas will be able to compete Dudley?

Yes. I do not think it will play as big a factor as some think.

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Manning to LSU could earn 10mil at a broke school that was on the verge of collapse not long ago.
If AR can easily keep up with the major powers it will be impressive. If the Waltons, Tyson’s, Stephen’s, Hunts, Jones, etc. will produce what’s necessary.

There’s been money. No doubt about that. But not millions of dollars. I can’t swear that’s going to matter or change things, but I think the risk is there.


If it flowed so freely, how did so many people keep it so quiet?

Think about it. Not only did players keep it quiet, but so did teammates, girlfriends, friends, relatives.

It’s hard to believe it was as prevalent as you make it sound.

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Btw, I know a former Hog American from the late 80’s pretty well.

He said if paying players was going on, he didn’t know about it.

Some change is bad, some change is good. But you have to adapt to it regardless, and those who adapt first and best reap the benefits.

Soon this will be the new normal. I don’t remember what college football was like before TV, and I barely remember what it was like before teams in the South began recruiting black players. But both are now not only routine, but integral.

And for anyone who is really offended that college athletes might get paid, there’s still high school.

I stand by my statement based on inside the Arkansas program from 1981-87 and covering recruiting since 1987

I didn’t say anything about millions, but college sports has not been innocent or clean for a long time.

The best players in each sport at major colleges are taken care of in many different ways.

As people who have followed me over the years know, I won’t talk about specific situations.

I’m not trying to convince you. I’m just offering up some educated info from my experiences the last 40 years.

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Sorry to offend you, DD.

It’s still amazing to me that that many people can keep it quiet. I’m surprised more disgruntled players/parents haven’t blackmailed athletic departments with deep pockets. It would be easy to do.

That’s hopeful - Thankyou

Paying players is long overdue. Millions, however, might create consequences we don’t like. No way to know yet.

I’d say you could probably change “for a long time” to “ever”. There are numerous stories of recruiters essentially kidnapping players to keep them from signing or enrolling with a rival. Nothing innocent or clean about that. Never mind the money that has been passed around under the table.

You did not offend me. Sorry if it came off that way.

Just offering up info and experiences.

I did specifically ask about millions… your answer led me to believe that it was, even in the past… so now are you saying it wasn’t? If so, then that changes the perspective on the current situation… if it was much less then the current trend of $1m+ changes things…

There will be some athletes who will make millions - QB at Alabama, gymnasts who are also influencers online, etc.

But I do not think there will be a lot of them.

I don’t know of any athlete (or family member or unrelated uncle) that was paid a million under the table.

But $250,000 to $300,000 has certainly been funneled before.

I was good friend (even room mate) with a starter in the 80’s. He told me that Arkansas was very clean. Some “$100 hand shakes” after a game? Yes. Money paid to get you to commit or sign? No.

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I have no problem with paying players. I would just like a level playing field, which isn’t going to be the case in the current set up.

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