10 keys to Arkansas-Cincinnati

Scottie and I combined on this, our keys to the game:


I agree with all 10 keys but the 3 that stand out to me (especially being the first game) are Special Teams play, penalties and the atmosphere. We need a Saturday night type crowd to help keep them out of sync and hopefully draw some penalties. No blocked punts or field goals!


Good work.


I like the stories on the 10 Keys; please keep it up. But, perhaps as an 11th, I’m hopeful that Trey Knox has an All SEC-like season; I’d love to see him haul in 30+ catches. I hope I’m not dreaming. I think of our offense as being 3 dimensional with KJ; running, passing, and handing off. But, if we can make the TE a real difference maker this season, maybe we can be 4 dimensional and scary good.

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I guess that my major concern is our defensive line and how they will play in this first game.

Matt you have stepped in admirably for Clay on this topic. Right on cue. 100% Agree on all accounts.

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I fixed that for you. :grinning:

Thank you Marty,
Ooops sorry Scottie.


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The rain is slowly becoming more of a factor. It has been coming down on and off since last night and we’re getting a lot. A sloppy field can effect any game but especially your first one of the season. Does anyone know if they pull a tarp over the field in this situation? They have the baseball tarps that would cover a large area.

I’ve never seen a football field tarped. Typically you only tarp dirt. Arkansas has an old tarp that it puts in the right-field corner of the baseball stadium on days it snows because there is a shadow that is cast over that area, which delays snow melt.

The drainage at the football stadium is good. I don’t think the rain will be much of an issue unless it rains during the game.

Let’s hope it doesn’t rain during the game. BTW, this kind of reminds me of the 2006 Alabama game. The days leading up to the game, we got some rain and on Friday afternoon we got a torrential downpour. Next morning maybe a little drizzle but stopped by noon. Big game that started at 2:30 and we beat them 24 - 23. Hopefully similar or better result tomorrow!

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