10 conference games left...how do we finish?

We have 5 home games and 5 road games left on schedule. Thoughts on how we finish?
Really hard to predict. Our margin of victory for home games is about 2 points!
We have some very tough road games at aTm; Oke Miss and Alabama.
Still have to play Kentucky and Auburn at home.
Do we split the next 10 games and finish at 9/9?
Or do we finish better or worse?

Here’s my prediction for the final 10 games.

@TAM - L
@LSU - W
Vandy - W
@Ole Miss - L
Kentucky - W
@Bama - L
Auburn - L
@Mizz - W

10-8 in Conference good enough to finish 5th in conference.

I think top 5 conference finishers…

  1. Auburn
  2. Florida
  3. Kentucky
  4. Alabama
  5. Arkansas

If we can get to a 10/8 conference record, that would put us finishing one spot higher than the preseason 6th place

@ Texas A&M. Win
@ LSU. Win
South Carolina. Win
Vanderbilt. Win
@ Ole Miss Win
Kentucky. Win
@ Alabama. Loss
Auburn. Win
@ Missouri. Win
There no reason to get beat by Texas A&M
They are in a mess. It could hurt because they have fallen apart.
This is how they need to finish. Alabama may be the toughest game remaining at their place. If the hogs could beat Bama on the road it would be huge.
9-1 finish. 8-2 or 7-3 is more likely but I think if a 4 seed in the SEC tournament and a decent seed in the Dance is what they want then they better get at least an 8-2 finish.
Look around at what Arizona State and North Carolina has done record wise and bad losses and both still ranked and compare both projected seed in bracketology to our us 8-9 seed and where they are. That’s the myth the hogs have to overcome.
One game in non conference play hurt the hogs the road loss at Houston. 2 games in conference play hurt the road loss at Moo U and the home loss to LSU. If those 2 games were wins the hogs would be ranked about 15th and have a top RPI.

4-6, maybe 5-5. Middle of the pack in the SEC unless Gafford plays really well consistently. We just don’t have much quality depth. We will go as far as Macon and Barford can carry us, I think. No revelation there.

Ha. You think we will finish equal to or worse than the first half? Mike’s teams historically finish strong and there’s no reason to think this year will be any different. 8-2, 12-6. It won’t be about offense down the stretch, either. It will be about defense and rebounding.

Hunting hog you hit it!

I didn’t realize this but our last 10 games have 6 Top 50 RPI games (2 vs aTm) and another against #53 USCe. I know in years past CMA’s teams have played better down the stretch, but has the schedule been that difficult before? If we win 5 we should be a lock for the tourney. Those of you saying 7/8, man I hope you’re correct, these last 10 games are resume builders.


Yes, but 3 of those games you mentioned are teams that are trending downwards. TAM lost 7 of their last 9 games, including their last 2. Mizzou lost a key contributor to transfer in Blake Harris, they’ve lost 4 of their last 5. I doubt either of them end up finishing in the top 50 RPI. South Carolina is more dangerous than both those teams IMO. But I agree winning 5 more games should lock us in. I’m hoping for 6 just to be on the safe side.

Huntin Hog, get off the kool aid. 8-2? Well, how much you want to bet? So we’re gonna beat Kentucky and Auburn and win all our road games?

We’ll be fortunate to go 5-5.

you give me the odds and I’ll pm you.


Kentucky isn’t the toughest challenge in these last 10 games! I’m more concerned about Texas A&M on the road right now. They got down early at Kansas in the first half and played hard in the second half. Much like how they’ve done since the first of the year.
The 2 games that hurt this team are the road loss at Moo U where they had a 6 point lead late and let a team crawl back in by hitting 3’s And the home loss to LSU where it was just aimply a total no show by the hogs. Sleep walking at home! The road loss at Auburn wasn’t a suprise but the defense was non existent.
The hogs fell from the 5-6 seed line for the Dance to the 8-9 seed line. To move back up to the 5-6 seed line they need to at least finish 8-2. To stay where they are now 8-9 seed line my guess would be 7-3
The Hogs have to play defense. They have scored plenty of points to win this year. Improvements need to made at the free throw line.

I ran the scenario’s on RPI Forecast. Let’s say we go 7-3 and win the games we have the highest percentage to win. That would put us at 22-9, with 19 RPI, and 33 SOS. So you’re about right that probably has us anywhere from a 7-9 seed. I believe Lunardi has us as his first 9 seed right now. So winning 6 or 7 games keeps us about right where we are.

If we go 5-5 to finish out that puts us at 20-11, with 40 RPI, and 22 SOS. Probably has us on the bubble anywhere from a 10-12 seed.

So, 6 more wins is going to be our number to feel really good on selection Sunday. With 5, we still should get in, but we’ll be a little nervous. Anything less than that and we’re probably sweating hoping to catch a break from the committee.

Of course some of this depends on who we beat as well and who we lose to. If we only win 5 more, and Kentucky and Auburn is among those 5, we’d be safely in.

I was fixing to say the same thing as your last paragraph. Win all home games (KY/AUB included) we should be locked. Win a road game, @ Bama would be best, and I don’t think we would sweat at all.

This A&M team that is “sliding” is a 5pt favorite against us tonight. That means that Vegas thinks we are even on a neutral court. Unfortunately, they are getting well at the wrong time for us.

I tend to agree with you on this, seems like every time we hit a “slumping” team or player, they break out of their “slump” against us. I think we have a decent chance tonight, hope no one breaks out of their “slump” for aTm.

A&M looked good for a while against Kansas with Hogg back. I am very concerned about tonight.

Me and you both

I think we’ll make the NCAA’s. The SEC is full of teams about like us. We should make it because we beat Oklahoma and a couple of real good teams. We need to win a couple of games in the tournament and make it to the Sweet 16. That would take some heat off Coach Anderson. He is not in danger of being fired, but he has not had an NCAA run in his 6 years here. It’s time. He knows it and the fans know it. There are 6-8 teams about as good as we are…Kentucky, Florida and Auburn are a cut above.