10-27 overall and 2-25 in league play

is what Colorado was in Mike MacIntyre’s first three years. I’m sure fans were wanting him fired after last year. Now the Buffs are 10-2 and going to the PAC-12 Championship game.

This is the second program he’s built from scratch…very impressive. The next time Arkansas has to hire a coach the ability to build a program needs to be high on the list of qualifications.

I wish you had not posted that…it makes my heart flutter. Another impressive program builder is Willie Taggart who I liked when Bielema was hired while acknowlging he was probably too young to take a flyer on. His rebuild at South Florida has been very impressive. He’s ready for a Power 5 opportunity.

Everybody says recruiting the African American athlete to Fayetteville is hard - hiring Taggart would be a strong move to try and change that dynamic.

You two would like PJ Fleck. That says just about everything there is to say. And you guys eat it up. Hook, line and sinker. All the way down to the idiotic stage dives and sideline wind sprints.

I haven’t looked but he must have played DB in college.

Is there any difference between “stage dives and sideline wind sprints” and using catchy terms and hash tags? It’s all marketing. Give me the wins and I can stomach the rest.

By the way, Western Michigan has had the #1 ranked recruiting class in the MAC for four consecutive years. Prior to Fleck getting there, WMU had never won a bowl game.

Take some time to research Fleck and you’ll see very little, if any, difference between he and Tom Herman.

I posted this because people are so quick in wanting to fire coaches when things aren’t looking great. Colorado was getting killed for three years and there probably wasn’t much to be upbeat about. I don’t have a crystal ball on what’s going to happen next year or the year after with Bielema, but it doesn’t mean Arkansas is doomed to fail.

I still believe he’ll get the program where fans want it, but I know it’s hard to see right now.

Yes, there’s a difference.

One guy is skinny and has better hair and catchy millennial swag.

The other has actually won in a real conference and had to recruit against big boys.

Another difference is you whine like a little tween girl about the catchphrases and love the stage dives.

I know all about one hit wonders. I remember Stan Heath. You were probably in grammar school when he was hired, so you may not remember that Fleck-like hire.

The MAC beat the AAC in their bowl match up last year, went 3-4 in bowls while the AAC went 2-6. And Arkansas lost to a MAC team last year.

Both conferences went 2-3 in bowls in the 2014-2015 campaign.

I’ll ask you to see where I ever said anything about loving stage dives. To be completely frank, I don’t even know what you are talking about, but I am sure it is some marketing gimmick that Fleck uses. Whatever it is, it must be working. Increased number of wins every year, flanked by four straight years of the #1 recruiting class in the MAC, all while at former cellar dweller Western Michigan.

I wouldn’t care if our coach tweeted pics of him in a tutu, picked his nose on TV, did stage dives or played saxophone in the E Street Band if it would help our recruiting efforts.

I wish I could forget the Stan Heath era. As I recall he was a head coach for one year prior to taking the Razorback gig.

Stan Heath had been a head coach for one year. Fleck has been a coach for four years, so he is winning with the players he brought into his program.

I don’t see a lot of difference between the MAC and the AAC as far as football conferences. To call one a “real” conference over the other is a stretch.

You are right about Fleck being there longer. He is still a risk. Unproven at the major college level and no ties to the region that I know about.

Maybe a comparison to Butch Jones is better. Lots of schtick. Maybe it would work here. I doubt it. He seems like HDN with skinnier jeans to me.

Big Rumors on PJ and Purdue, he may get his chance soon.

He should hold out for Oregon.

Another thing they have in common - neither is a proven winner in the SEC.

I’m glad you posted it, Richard. It’s an important point to remember. Like many other professions, the “overnight successes” in coaching have struggled a while. I also like to remember West Virginia ran off Bobby Bowden when he couldn’t win. He took a while to get going at FSU, but it worked out for him & them.

We all want improvement, but too many people think change is more likely to bring it. Quite often persistence is the better route. Despite the MU game & perhaps a slight backstep this season, our program has improved every year under CBB

Bobby was 42-26 at WVU, including 9-3 his last year with a Peach Bowl win over Lou Holtz in his final game at NC State. Then he went 10-2 in his second year at Florida State with a “play anyone anywhere” philosophy; FSU only had five home games that year.

Let me rephrase “he couldn’t win” to “he didn’t win enough to make WVA fans happy.” They ran him off. I’ll accept the correction about how quickly he won at FSU.

Again, Chip, I don’t think WVU fans were dissatisfied with Bowden. He told the New York Times in 2010 that he left for FSU because it was warmer than Morgantown, and because it was closer to his family and his wife’s family in Alabama. FSU was certainly not a destination school at the time, but he made it into one. His eventual goal, I think, was to replace Bear at Alabama, but things seem to have worked out for him in Tallahassee.

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://thequad.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/0 … ired/?_r=0”>http://thequad.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/08/31/a-tenure-longer-than-expected-and-shorter-than-desired/?_r=0</LINK_TEXT>

I was actually just out of college when Heath was hired. So far his tenure is comparable to that of the well seasoned Mike Anderson - nothing special.

Using the " only hire proven coaches from big conferences" standard you seem to advocate Arkansas would have passed on Eddie Sutton ( Creighton) Nolan Richardson ( Tulsa) and a young largely unproven coach with only one year of experience as a HC named Broyles.

Fleck will be a stud and some Power 5 school willing to take an Eddie Sutton like roll of the dice will be rewarded.

I have to agree with this.

Also remember a Power 5 school in our area who took a chance on a guy with zero head coaching experience back in 1999.

That rookie’s name was Bob Stoops. He turned out OK.