# 1 Seed Illinois in trouble

It looks like mid second half down 11 the mighty BiG 10 may suffer another big loss!

I never thought they would make it out of that bracket,

Bielema’s influence already taking hold for the Fighting Illini.


I didn’t either. Even with the overrated seeding they couldn’t make it past the first weekend. I wonder how many folks will change their tune about the mighty Big 10!

First 1 seed goes down. At least two more to go.

Which 2 are going down today Swine?

I’d call that “in trouble”

Having watched them a lot this season, I sure thought they would and certainly thought they were a worthy No. 1 seed.

Illinois had won 16 of its last 17 against a great schedule

I also think the Big 10 was and still is the best basketball conference in the land.

I take no great pride in saying that, but from top to bottom it was excellent.

Maybe they are, but just got to say the way those “BIG 10” are dropping like flies, the phrase “OVER-RATED” seems to be drifting up from the leftovers on the court. Maybe they were all rated so high because all they played was each other. Not much chance to expose things like that.

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I didn’t say today. But only one team can win the NC so two more of them are gonna lose, today or tomorrow or next week or in the FF.

Well, since the Hogs are going to win the National Championship, there’s got to be 3 more 1s lose. And I haven’t even start drinking beer. :grinning:

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The whole tourney is a terribly neat concept. Gotta win six games against progressively improving opponents who all have different skills-capabilities combinations. And, it’s not just about your team winning its about all the other teams and how they do against each other. No one else has to play Illinois now, or tOSU, or Purdue (or Texas).

Other than Golf and few other sports, most sports are like that, aren’t they? You don’t have to beat the whole field, just the ones you play.

I don’t think much of the Big 10 in about anything. Not saying Illinois was deserving of the #1 seed but that conference (generally speaking) seems to take it on the chin in post season play. I am a very BIASED SEC fan!

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