#1 reason why CMA hasn't had major success here

I think this is a fair take. Not sure if I agree completely, but with more thought and analysis, I may could get there. With Justice the first year or two, I fear we may have a similar player as Harris. I was very bullish on Hill as a recruit, but like Henderson, I was a little disappointed in my last set of viewing due to lack of skill development, namely shooting with Hill. Hopefully, both he and Harris can really improve their shooting.

Just curious when did you take your last look at Hill?

It may not be a fair comparison since Hill hasn’t played a minute of division one ball yet, but watching Hill play AAU ball, it just seems he is mentally tougher than Harris and has a swagger and confidence about himself. What do you think?

Last Spring.

Using my definitions of swagger and confidence, I don’t know if I’d say he has that over Harris. What I do think he has is more discipline and mental toughness. We’re probably saying the same thing.