#1 Penn State 4, #23 Arkansas 2, soccer final

Hogs scored in the first two minutes of each half. But the top-ranked Nittany Lions answered twice after each goal. Stefani Doyle and Taylor Malham scored our goals. Attendance of 3,401 at Razorback Field set a school record.

Disappointed in the result but good to see a new attendance record.

I watched the game. Penn State looked like a much better team than Arkansas; won a lot more balls in the middle of the field than the Razorbacks, were longer and overall looked more disciplined.

That’s not a knock on Arkansas, but an indication that it has a ways to go to be a national contender. Penn State was the national champion two years ago and has seven players who were on the national U-20 team last year. Arkansas doesn’t have a lot of girls that would play much there, but the two who scored goals would.

I watched both of Arkansas’ upset victories last year over top 5 teams. Penn State is better than either Duke or Florida was, but Arkansas also didn’t play as well as in those games last year. Colby Hale was quoted as saying they basically had some lapses last night and I would agree with that.