1 of 9 from 3 point land, wow

ORU was 8 - 31, not great, but wow, 1 of 9 and won the game!

Muss identified a weakness and we exploited it from well inside the arc. Basically Abmas couldn’t guard Tate in the post.

There’s only been one game since the 3-point shot was added in 1986 that we didn’t have a 3. And we won that game easily; we only tried three against Texas, made none, and didn’t need them.

Came close to stopping the 3 point shooting string…

We’ve not shot the ball all that well since the Souther Carolina game. Some of that is to be expected with the better defenses faced in the tourney but we really need to get hot.

Do not disagree with desire for better offense but I hope they bring all out intensity to the defensive side of things . Defense travels and teams that play good defense have a chance in the tournament in every game.

I would like both please. lol. I totally agree with you and I have no doubt defense is why the team is in the Elite Eight. I think if we continue to advance we’re going to need improved offense as well.

Its like I said in an earlier post–it was like watching a 2021 team using analytics to shoot only 3’s and layups versus a team from 1976…working for points in the paint, and taking pull up jump shots.

And the throwback team got the win!

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