#1 Jellycats lose at home to Evansville

Purple Aces were 25-point underdogs coming into Rupp. They’re coached by former Kentucky player Walter McCarty.

November basketball is weird, man.

Calamari loses; oh darn


It’s nice to See Kentucky and Greaseball Cal get beat! I’ll beat he will make excuses like always about youth!

Or it will be poor officials that beat them

Rumors going around here in Hot Springs is someone put a good size money line bet down at Oaklawn on Evansville and won 30k last night.

Not sure if its true but cool if it is.

That’s why the Cats lost, it wasn’t 30k it was 300k he won and the scam was on from the start. LOL
JK, but I wouldn’t care if Greaseball was scammed, his whole career has been a scam.

I can’t stand him either but he flat gave credit to Evansville for “beating” the cats and not KY playing bad… of course he had a KY hero come in and pull it off and if that had been another SEC team his attitude would change on excuses.

Lets savor the Kentucky fans shock and outrage foe a day or two.

Kentucky will be there in the end. Don’t like Cal or Kentucky but talent he has. Just saying.

Evansville was a 25 point dog. A money line bet wouldn’t have paid off much. If he bet Evansville to win, that would pay off.

Closest I can find today is McNeese St 22-23 pt dog to Wisconsin…ML bet on McNeese pays +1689…
100 gets you 1689. Hmm, well Houston Baptist is +1900 vs TTech. When a bettor put up about
250,000 to win say 20,000, that’s when a phone call is made! :crazy_face:

*I’m guessing Oaklawn Park sportsbook has some strict limits on betting college hoops…the big books offshore and in Vegas limit it. NFL…they don’t care!

Im not a big gambler but I was told he bet Evansville to win and got great odds…who knows I’m just glad they lost.

Yeah that sounds like he took UE to win outright.